Really what a sale

It’s an age old question not a new one for our day, one we should never fail to ask of others, nor should we fail to hold up as a mirror to ourselves.
So now:
Ask yourself:
What would Jesus say if he were here today?
So many questions that we ask. Yet we reject the answers.
The answers we reject could if not rejected save our lives.
All are thus rejected so we can be politically correct.

First and foremost:
When does Life begin?
A twofold question so, ponder this.
Can you be objective?
One answer covers both.
One word answers it.
Does it really take a wise and prudent man to conclude the answer that a fool can see?
Or could one just assume, then accept the answer; I do not know?
So what then would Jesus do and say?
Would He side with you?
Would he say well done?
Ask yourself, what would Jesus say?
About what we do today?
Do you keep the way he taught?
If so:
Why do we debate the time that life begins?
Why do we fight about a season?
Is it really he who is the reason?

I wonder have you ever asked yourself:
Are you a good, a moral person?
So many say I am.
Yes, I am a good a moral person.
Then they give their list; I give, I tithe, I pray, so yes I am.
The man the woman of the world say the same.
They lay claim to the goodly way.

Some of you will shout:
I found him, yet ask yourself the simple question; who found who.
Were you really looking?
So who was really looking, who was waiting for who to ask?

Well God says in the book:
I knew you from the first.
So can you guess? What is next?
There is an answer to the argument when does life begin?
This is what the word so states: from the womb I called you fourth; so who knew who? Who called who?
If you do not chooser or say we do not know; so much like the Pharisee and Sadducees of old you are; just perhaps you should depart from me you I never knew. It is written that this is what he will say on our fateful day.
Now please
Think a moment
Who: is first? It’s not me, nor is it you, but the Christ
What: does he provide? Grace by faith; LOVE.
When: from the first the moment we surrender our will to his.
When does life begin at conception, our rebirth in Christ is the same?
Where: in the womb. Again the prophets testifies of this. As does the spirit. Remember the testimony of two holds the truth. Our sure witness is Jeremiah and the prophet John. Both were known both did know. For they were called.
Why: Love. For love it covers a multitude of sin.
In all the readings in all translations we are told to do as he has done, the great commission can be summed up in one word. Love: for this is the commission we have been given.
So I must ask why to the rest is it evil to worship Christ.
Why am I and others evil for teaching of him and his way, the two and the ten which come from the one?
In correct society I must respect all religions, but they can insult Christ and they are cheered. I always wondered why. Yes, Why?
I already know the answer to my question: why. It is stated plainly when He talks of Pharaoh: to give glory to the most high as testimony to his grace our faith and his love.
Would Jesus fit in with the social clicks of our day?

Grey Sky's

darkness comes remembering days

Or would he be with the poor, the destitute, the widow, orphan and the sick? Would he visit prisoner’s feed the homeless give drink and clothing to those in want?
Yes, I wonder what Jesus would say and what would my dear lord my savior do.
Second Peters Chapter 3
One day soon we shall know the answers to these simple questions; did we care for our brothers or sisters or send them away in want? Did we feed or cloths our brethren or place our pearls in a basket and send it off to others who squandered it while those we knew went without.
When I was young I heard men say we are free the law has no effect on me, I am free from the law,my sin and death..
For Paul he says the greatest of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is that of love, for Christ’s people live to forgive just as the Messiah the Christ for gave. So if you cannot forgive as he did for you can you be saved? Paul and the Christ say nay.
Consider this in the prayer so many recite is this phrase for give us our trespass as we forgive those who trespass against us. What is bound on earth is bound in heaven what is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven.
I am saddened when I hear someone say I can forgive but not forget or I cannot forgive. We do not forgive for the person who has offended us, but for ourselves for the mustard seed of hate if allowed to grow will consume ones life.
Jeremiah shows us this. But
Now when does life begin? Many have argued this simple question it begins at conception for the end of the beginning is a human being; who is entitled to the following life liberty and happiness.

A rose is always a Rose no matter what the Name.

A Rose will bloom yet so soon fade, but the glory of its beauty will be ever in the memory to remain.

Page five and well some more

Ok, why.
I still wonder why?
Page five bright.

I am here to offer an apology for my self pity has shown here, so I have come to delete and offer something better or so I hope.

I can tell you what she choose, what she did, it was vicious, so malicious oh yes, it was bad and it made me oh so sad, yes, my friends I know now what depression is for I was and it does hurt, but sunshine comes it may take a while..
Once again I’ll back track to another time before all this.


I know your new here and those people like you but here’s the rules,I am the top cat and your the dog,see..

When rainbows they did dot the sky and life was happy and oh so bright (let’s all say yes, and right) but you see I was given an ominous warning. Yes, it was given this message from  her mother, but I ignored her sound advise her council,  yes sir I was a fool so wise so dumb, I choose. Yes the end it was foretold from the start, but as you know the truth of all youthful vigor is the young just do not listen; oh and the young at heart do it to for love or lust makes us all fools. No, I would not listen: I did not want to hear, so I paid a price most dear.
Her mother told me many years before not to marry her sweet daughter; for her daughter said her mother did not love me, oh she seemed to like me that was clear, but she loved the idea of a marriage, but not me. But I was so enthralled in love in heat in lust I could not would not listen.
So now we must say thank you to old man Hindsight for your twenty, twenty, but the young when told refuse to listen.(so who’s to blame who’s at fault? Answer it is we for what we choose) It’s my fault.
About me wife:

a rose is a rose no matter what the name, enslavement and tryannie can be covered but they never really change.

a rose is a rose no matter what the name, enslavement and tryannie can be covered but they never really change.

Oh, I could say so many things that would describe this beauty that stole my heart. Oh the woman that I first wed so many things could be said, but none would be one tenth true; all would slant the truth to make me look as if I was wronged. In some way I was, but she was lost so very lonely.  she really did not know nor understand what she wanted or what lay ahead.
We had three almost four very nice and well used years. The day she told of the son I was joyful oh so happy, but she was withdrawn and so sad, odd how now I do remember that. Her Mother words haunt me still.
When it came to number two she was distant she was not thrilled later when she thought she might be having number three, she was enraged saying this can not be, I can not will not have another one of your children; no not again. within a week she came to me a smiling sweet, it was a mistake I am not having any child. .Here is a bit of gossip now to say: she saw a doc he excised all her troubles, but the consequences were now my fault for she could not from that point on conceive.
It’s odd what one remembers but it’s been now nearly thirty years so I wonder now about these things called curses and what is then the meaning of a blessing. Was she cursed or was I. She wanted a daughter, but not mine, now I have a sweet daughter who has made my life a joy and she is my reminder of .God’s Blessing.

So I dealt with all of this and then the issue of the big C. yes, my new illness. as I said I tried  to ignore the C, thinking it would go away, however sadly it did not; in fact it got a lot worse. Oh I got thinner, I got lighter, I was simply like the guy in shrinking man movie wasting away.
I went from two hundred and five down to one twenty-five and even then as time passed I lost more; until I saw the Doc in Washington where I weighed in at eighty-seven. So I was Five feet five and jokingly I’d say eighty-five pounds a feather weight, but man I was alive, I looked like a walk-in kick in skeleton..
I was sick nearly at death’s door. Well that was true but I did not in all honesty care. Until me pappy said to me get off your bum and get well. So I said to this burly man who raised me, why? His reply helps me much because I said to do it and if you don’t you’ll hurt your mother. So I went to the oncology docs, the surgeons oh the. fun the joy the pleasure. My pappy he told me that one day she would relent and allow the boys to have contact as did everyone else I knew and met. But Alice lived in wonder land I live in the world of mortal men where people live to lie and lie to live and get their way.
Now my back story is not as simple as I said. when I saw the doctor that year. I still had a million in life insurance on me self, and my love was the beneficiary. So after I told her I may have this dread disease, some test would tell them and they would call…… I cancelled it and all the rest I had no job could not afford it. Someone sweet and smiling then went to the agent who issued the life policy , and asked if they could pay my premium, one reason was just in case he passes away, then the children would be taken care of don’t you see.
The story of the history takes a turn intrigued? Guns and autos many threats fear and hiding on it went. Oh how quickly love or lust became indifference and then blossomed into loathing bathed in hate. But this is where I found myself, I finally understood the whole relationship was done. But the second phase was the very worst for the torcher was now to begin.

Many times I asked God why and when what had I done. .. All that happened was because I choose wrong would not listen I was to blame for where I was. Except for the big C. Believe it or not it turned out to be the blessing and still is.

Oh about the policy:

are you sure? I think ,but I thought?

are you sure? I think ,but I thought?

I do so ramble on:

They were a wee bit angry at the response they got; an in-depth explaining of the no, for they ask the question why, yes, they asked why for once, not me…
So he replied to their request and with the truth explained to them, yes even then their anger rose and was thus unleashed on me for the loss the possible gain of a million in the life insurance lottery game for the policy was gone and cancelled by me myself and I..
Oh my ex she was a beauty she still is I have seen twice now in these last fifteen years. Oh how she could and still does smile her smile could melt the hardest heart, her eyes they sparkled deep within they had a fire that seemed to jump to glow, Oh she did shine so soft so sweet in heaven I was with her. If she asked I would do; so I worked and worked but never passed the useful test.  the one that cries out respect for sadly I did not hold a position of responsibility.
So Now that thirty years have flashed  bye, I realized now what may have gone wrong. The reason I was missing, I have, for yes, for sooth me thinks that I have pieced together the bigger answer to the question that I asked my why. Oh I sought it out but it was there in front of me.  I believe I have finally learned what my failure was. I had not letters behind my name (well if one could count BS or the others; they are what one is said to have and be), nor did I have a sheep skin on display. All I did was pack the bags at the store with food stuffs and rushed them out to cars, than off to clean then stock the produce, clean the lettuce and after that slice some deli meats. Then each day I would be given lessons in how to cut and grind the meat cut the pork and work the chicken. All of this was way beneath the wife my and others; I was just a fool worthless of no value. Oh had I had a title, a job with prestige some worth, where one had real respect from others; oh it was then too late I realized I brought shame and dishonor upon she and her family, they hung their heads in shame at the mention of my name. They could not attend church their daughter was married to a lazy fool. I was a dread stock clerk.
But with this I must add was the dread disease that I . had, one she could not deal with one she feared that she would catch. She had the papers all prepared to give to me. Oh thank God for the big C it was my saving grace.

Page four

Time again to back track this is the year I got big C.

building a new home from so many parts

building a new home from so many parts

Page four

One day I got sick, my doctor said you got the flu take a pill you’ll pull through. As time passed, you know it does my flu it never passed. But a long Time it passed as it does I was still not feeling oh so good so back I went; yes back to the man again. It was then he said it had to be a vitamin deficiency.
Now this I’ll add by this time I had lost a bit of weight:
Now the man he took Notice of what was lost; so another blood test was sent away. Finally I went to doctor three, now a year and a half had passed. I was shipped up and down the valley so to where and when I went. Then one day at last I found, what I did not want to find.
I found out about big C and the many whys that were to come into my life.
Why I had lost these twenty pounds.
Why did I have the C.?
Why was all this now happening to me?
Why is a lot to take in.
Now this fine man of science said he would call me soon. But the medical man he did not call and tell me where and when, so I went on about my way. I did not ask or ponder why. Just silently went about my life.
Now I did go home; I told my love me wife. I said to my sweet dear wife: Honey I have this and it is thus, now of course it could be may be perhaps there’s hope, but the man he’s sure it’s C, sorry honey my sweet wife but yes, I need a few more test to be sure what kind of C I got, but the man he sure will call or send me out a letter.
Insert here that no one called, nor did a letter ever come.
From that point on my life had some real changes: Why? Well.
Some people cannot handle the big C. My dear my sweet was one of them.Not fault nor could I,but I stayed loyal.
And only asked her; why?
The reply at first, was the mournful cry: It’s not you, it’s me.
Those five words that all men dread, for when they hear them uttered all the time as the love they had falls out of lust and into bed with the new friend; the knives stab into the heart it seems the soul the spirit is ripped out; so when she utters those few words, each man they know the end is here. From that point on like those before and since I knew, yes as most men do; I knew the relationship was dead. The worst part is as you all know; so are you in every way; you’re a gone, gone, goner. For any part of you must be eliminated from her life, so she can move on, adjust to her new way.
Now add to this the dreaded C.
And as a fool I asked her, why?
I asked her why, oh she would cry; it’s not you it’s me. But I would ask it many times; to be given the same reply, I would yell, what I can do, I’ll change for you, but tell me what I did wrong, this repetition of what is wrong, what did I do; steeled her reply, firmly like the sergeant does with new recruit’s; barking orders cold and straight his the reply as hers took on the form of indifference: so there was nothing for me to say; (it’s not you) danger words. No it was, it had to be, it was me; I had the big C.
She was scared of me, scared she’d get it the dreadful C.
That is what she said in tears one day…
So in a short time a few short days I found myself outside my home, alone, no place to go, and another person that odd little stranger was in my home and my children were now his.
My love my wife she smiled at me; then she said to me; these last few words: we can be friends, now sad and depressed I said that it all depends on what you choose. On what you do. Sounds ok with me.
Ok, why.
I still wonder why?

Page three

So here’s a side bars first:
I know but I did give you fair warning.

Now about my children; I loved them so, and I still do, so very much, but it’s been now thirty years since I last looked upon the two, but for me story I offer up a few learned rules or facts; not yet are they proven to be facts by the scientific community, but all parents can attest to them and so will swear in fact that they are true. (Of a general nature there ars rules)
So here’s something all parent’s come to know too well, (no I am not an expert just a parent) sadly but is true. all learn it the hard way, but learn it fast they do; for the words of the wise we do not hear, so our enthusiasm comes upon us fast it bites us in the posterior as well; yes, the youth the young so much in lust, remember we mix up the two words love is lust and lust is love so falling out of it sounds better harsh reality for many.
What they the wise so young will learn; must learn, is a lesson everyone before and after do as well; that life is hell and some nasty smells accompany children. Yes, children those sweet smiling babbling babes are well two distinct creatures rolled in one, demon or angels how I wish we could choose, but on the roulette wheel of this life you can never pick which it shall be at any moment, but they are an all in one packaged deal. Yes, they change from minute to minute and day to day for that be grateful, but they are such fun our lives would be empty oh so sad if we never had these precious things we call offspring. Has anyone ever wonder why we say off? Off of what? We know from where they sprang, so we are then the reason that they do the things they do. Oops I am so sad for my kids….
One is great, but two is; well read on:
When two comes home the rules of conduct no longer apply; for one may be sweet so easy, but Murphy and his law hit hard the pay back comes to teach the new parents a hard cruel lesson it’s a fact, for child two is a wild cat that does the opposite of the first. Your wonderful life has just crossed over into no sleep zone.
Until there’s three oh God help me or they leave your life’s in disarray, but you really wouldn’t have it any other way..
Your first ones usually great as I said and oh so easy that you get the idea, hey we can handle this. Raising children is so easy,(fool thinking themselves wise rush in) this child makes its own bottle sets bedtime at eight and makes its bed oh you praise the precious little angel. And like the fools those mentally depraved; yes,,( now drop the anger at the insult I am only giving a general idea) you have another and oh how your life is thrown into a spin. Two it stays up day and night, it only sleeps for about one hour in the morning; then all night it screams as if a banshee were inside, your sweet wife becomes so a haggard and frizzled mess, she starts shaking shifting trembling at any word you say; at times you’d claim she’s drinking. She looks at you as she whispers incoherent word, yet some sound ominous oh go figure. You ask an expert and they say post part’em expression so you feel safe. But then she say out loud one night while she sleeps that you’re a demon, a possessed dead man, one she would like to eliminate from her sight. In the warming light of day you turn and smile at her, then like a fool you ask her, the to simple question.


I know your new here and those people like you but here’s the rules,I am the top cat and your the dog,see..

Yes, why? And so:
It was in this atmosphere that I found my life in danger and first heard of the unknown stranger. Then one day I was gone, inside outside up and down; I knew and can tell you when I knew, but to place a pin point it was the first day of the week of thanksgiving the year was 84 yes I knew it was happening, but refused to accept it but my life it did change.

St. Louis mayor caves to rioters pre-riot demands; ‘free rein’ for Ferguson protesters


we now have mod rule, it is worse than the old time lynch mods of the western era. The mod today loots and burns justifying all they do on white society. It is all the crackers fault we do what we do is because whites beat us down all whites are the same. Really? Look in the mirror and ask your self as you rant rave and destroy who are you hurting ? for when all is done you have destroyed your own home no one else’s and for what? those who encouraged you are or soon will be gone and you will be left with the ash the dust and the rust. Finally thise will occur where are our stores for many will never reopen and so a burned out poverty stricken area is created. For what? For who ? By who? whitie did not come and burn and loot whitie did not come and make any threats you did it all to yourself encouraged by men who call themselves Christian. If they were they would have encouraged you to wait be patient and learn to forgive

Originally posted on Christian Patriots:

The inmates will be running the asylum.

Surrendering early to the inevitable protests that will greet the grand jury’s decision if it produces no indictment in the Michael Brown shooting case, St. Louis MayorFrancis Slay has agreed in advance to obey many of the pre-riot demands already presented to the city by people hellbent on violence, according to a report on


The protestors call them rules of engagement.  And, according to Twitchy:

Slay wrote that “we will honor safe houses, and will consider churches to be sanctuaries.” Protesters had demanded the establishment of protester safe houses that “shall be considered sacred ground and only entered by police when called upon on when extremely necessary.”

Written by: JOE SAUNDERS – continue at BIZPAC REVIEW

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Second Video Emerges of Obamacare Architect Calling Americans “Stupid”


I offer here more proof from another on the web that shows the crack and a glimmer of the lies and why it is imperative no one vote for what we must demonic liberal cratic fanatics of the socialism side.

Originally posted on Christian Patriots:

Gruber paid $400,000 by administration, visited White House a dozen times.

Despite telling MSNBC that his comments were “off the cuff,” a second video has emerged of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber saying the law was passed because Americans were “too stupid” to understand it.

During an appearance on Ronan Farrow Daily, Gruber tried to explain away his initial comments by claiming he was speaking “off the cuff” when he said that a “lack of transparency” was crucial in fooling ‘stupid Americans’ during the effort to pass Obamacare.

“I spoke inappropriately and I regret having made those comments,” said Gruber.

Read more at Infowars

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I am Rebloging this for many reason one or two of which are this: murder is murder no matter what age or mental condition,, 2. what I am reading and what I am hearing reminds me of the third Reich and Adolf Hitler hailed as the savior of the German peoples. When our youth can be soo brain washed into thinking murder of children is a justifiable act and a kindness we as a free and moral people are lost soulless with out moral guides. all I can truly say is May God have mercy on us all………

Originally posted on Christian Patriots:

A trend seen by prolife activists that frequently engage college students on campuses nationwide is the growing acceptance of post-birth abortion, or killing the infant after he or she is born, campus prolife outreach leaders tell The College Fix.

Anecdotal evidence by leaders of prolife groups such as Created Equal and Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust said in interviews that not only do they see more college students willing to say they support post-birth abortion, but some students even suggest children up to 4 or 5-years-old can also be killed, because they are not yet “self aware.”

“We encounter people who think it is morally acceptable to kill babies after birth on a regular basis at almost every campus we visit,” said Mark Harrington, director of Created Equal. “While this viewpoint is still seen as shocking by most people, it is becoming increasingly popular.”

Campuses where the high…

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