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Today they say separation of but once it was the state shall not. the lines and Idea was blurred by an atheist who said it was not right that she or her child be forced to worship. But were they forced or did they simply stand in silence? Once the book now so hated was studied for its Poetry and pros. it was once equated with great writers like Shakespeare Poe and Chaucer. Quoted by so many now reviled by the society and nation it made great.

I helped clear out a school they were setting for demolition in the building we did find bibles piled high stored in disused lockers forgotten long ago stamped and dated 1960 with a paper marked destroy by order of the government. I guess someone forty fifty almost sixty years ago was hopping that the insanity would stop. for more respect is now given to a religion our forefathers fought and called a harbinger of evil.

Boy Told to Put Away His Bible, Starts Reciting the First Amendent


I have chosen to Reblog this post: please read and pass it along and ask the following question would they have said anything to a Muslim reading the Koran? as I have stated I think not they fear the threat of Muslim legal power.

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A Tennessee boy is receiving legal help after being told he couldn’t read his Bible during an after-school program.

“He had pulled his Bible out and he was told to put it away,” 9-year-old Austin Grayson’s mother, Lisa Koepfgen, told Nashville television station WTVF. “When he was told to put it away, he recited the First Amendment.”

“Free country, free religion,” Austin told his teacher.

“Apparently they didn’t like that,” his mother said. “They saw it to be disrespectful.”

Koepfgen said the school told her that her son couldn’t read religious material because the after school program, REACH, was funded by public money.

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Odd thought

EitherIt has occurred to that we have lost control of our nation and ourselves.  We let others an elite tell us what we think and how we feel. Once We had great industry which we have now  shut down. These industry made us great but now we must turn green for we were we are an evil people so we must be punished so the world says.. Yet  the world over they pollute ten and twenty times more than we. We once thought out a response, now we just react. If someone says the sky will fall; we follow what they say to do giving no thought of what is true. Our government spends now billion on green power all of which has come to naught. Many have been show to be scams and the media is silent on all this. They now talk of clean nuclear power and the silence is so deafening that I am stunned.

We now teach our children it is wrong to work and try to do their best.  Gone now is the ideal of success; they once could dream of making maybe billions, but that is now called evil for what they earn belongs to the people not to them. So why does they government take all the millions from all the millionaires? So again what’s the point why should one try when all will go to others who did not start the company and put up the house the car and time.

Children learn that any criticism is now bullying or if some laugh’s at them in any way. What will happen when they reach the real world if they do not learn the truth that they should turn the other cheek and ignore the ignorant among us.1024-judaica6

these are the odd thoughts I had today as I watched the news but one more occurs to me no perhaps two or three. Why do we allow our President to  rule us like a King;  handing down decrees and making law, why do we put up with a congress that does not respond to our will but says they know what is best for us. Yes we have a Congress and a House which act as if they were Lords Dukes and Ladies and we were serfs and slaves to do their bidding. And I am tired of hearing about who is rich and who is not for every Senator and the House of Representatives are all  millionaires. So whose interest do they serve? its illegal for a man on Wall Street to use insider trading but its alright for a senator they even made it law. the goose can do as it pleases but gander it can not. They use us against our selves making promises pointing fingers saying they will get they will stop when will we the people realize they will not and that we are being played as fools…just some thoughts that occurred to me as I sat in silence this fine spring day and prayed oops that’s illegal to use I mention that I am a Muslim then by law I can do anything I choose how strange is that

Dreams of times past


Dreams of times past:

in dreams we see

in dreams we learn

In dreams we file life away


 Now In my second youth I see; life from two sides

I see the foolishness of youth and the hidden bitterness of age

perhaps one day I’ll understand why mankind chooses to lie


In dreams we see

In dreams we wander

In dreams we look for the very best

But we always seems to miss the reason for the suffering of life

the sin that brings us low

Satin stood at the pinnacle of power

and pride of self brought him low


I met the pie man many times his ware was oh so sweet

But what was sweet became bitter as I ate


As I was walking the other day a pie man I did see; he had large assortment of apple peach and pumpkin Lemon and banana cream, but it was the sign that caught my eye. For it read assorted pies from me to you; perhaps a samples given for a story, your mishaps if they are heart wrenching are given preference. All life lessons are considered come and see.


So I stood there looking wondering and heard the rumble of my body as my mind did begin to unleash the once constrained hunger pains. Said to him can I sample what you have. Do you have perhaps a bit of rhubarb maybe some pecan maybe even mincemeat would be fine.


Now the pie man looking somber asks me man how do you plan to pay?  Have you any cash to cover the pies cost? Well son speak tell mew hat you have?


 How I planned to pay I said shocked as one could be? My response though it was a quick was far more like a plea for I burst out about how I was broke; no broken, , stripped so clean I cannot buy a thing, I began right then yes  there I was trying to explain.


Oh, my dear little pie man I was married once to the sweetest, the most beautiful of women, oh once I was so very rich and on her the sun did rise and set. She made me feel I was the only one my life was so complete. Yes, my friend all she asked I would do all she wanted I did provide not a question did me ask. Then one day she turned cold as cold as a bitter biting winter day; gone now was the warm sweet love of my youthful lust. With my money she now bought bobbles of clear cold rocks of ice surrounded by so much gold.  Yes she bought rings and chains ear rings to, did you ever see a character called Mr. T?


I asked her, I so did plea, I begged Oh my love, oh please, oh please tell what I can do to re-lite ignite your passion kindle once again your love.


She simply looked at me with a stare so cold eyes so empty that a chill ran down my spine for I knew the truth but I would deny it for some time. My friend pie man my story there is more, but I am faith I need to eat perhaps I could just possibly have a sample of your ware?


Son he says your story’s good I have heard it many time but you must tell me what you learned have you become a wiser man? Or will you be a sour fool wallowing in self pity?




Race Baiting for Media Ratings


food for thought, something that will not be found in core learning for core to modern teaching is not creative intuitive thinking but rather one must accept what is required by the whole to know only that which society thinks of as normal and of value. where man accepts what he is told with out question.

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armystupid2 For the last half century, the American population, subjected to the greatest dumbing down experiment of psychological manipulation in all of history, has resulted in the adoption of a cultural separation from realty racist and true self-interest. With all the glorious aspirations, that celebrate a diverse society, the fact that humankind shares the same planet usually is not enough to resolve disparities. While DNA similarities are the basis of the specie, the genetic differences among races, put aside and banished from polite conversation, still are true and significant. Yet the civilizations that make up this world function as if the tribal differences are often paramount in the social order.

The intentional indoctrination that all races are equal rests upon a specious supposition that the goals, objectives and ambitions assign a uniform desire. Once upon a time immigration to the New World came from a European heritage. That influx of settlers provided…

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