Mississippi Burning: 3300! Cochran to Resign? True The Vote Sues, Barbour Investigated, and More!


listen to the shameful ways in the video on Hannity.

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By Gary P Jackson

I lot has happened in the last 24 hours, more than I can keep up with, even after pulling an all-nighter!

****For starters, the McDaniel campaign has now identified 3300 illegal votes with only half of the counties canvased. It seems highly likely they may find enough invalidated votes to overturn the results of the election, especially if what has been said about absentee votes is true.

Of course, McDaniel doesn’t actually need to find enough illegal votes to overturn the election, to prevail here. You see,they as backwards as Mississippi’s voting system seems to be, they actually have very strong laws against vote fraud, laws with teeth!

There’s an interesting concept here at play. By law, all Chris McDaniel has to do is provide enough evidence of fraud to taint the vote. In Mississippi the evidence of significant fraud can force a new election…

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Darkness Falling calling


comes the horsemen O so fast

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Darkness falling
O bitterness calling

The boundaries were set at the time of creation

The boundaries were set at the time of creation

The darkness in a fallen leader
Leads a nation into ruin
Nero played as Roam burned
So again the republic failed
Taken by the greed and hate
Of darkness massed outside
Avarice the dark desire

Darkness now usurped
The once bright and shinning state
Hope was taken far from men
What came as light, shinning O so bright?
Promised once to many
O high shinning bright delight
Sweet as honey promise many in his words
To all men’s delight he seems truthful
Silence still called out O pity thee you fool

Deception is the a lifestyle
Mortal man so lusts, for the anointing oils
Of the man, the beast, the dragon
O the firstborn of Dagon
Feast of famines seeks for man
Perdition hates and rage

The flood waters quickly rise
Humanity O ravenousness
Prepares to…

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Darkness comes upon us


In recent weeks we have seen the seeds of the old men blossom yes, it has come back , the ancient hate and discord has taken root. we have watched as these seeds have been sown; nurtured and watered with hate anger rage. O the generous use of fertilizer lust envy have grown strong and protected by jealousy and justified by the venom of the new age hate the compost has done its desired job….

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O the dark horse, velvet-black

Roars from out the hidden pit
He who rides who hides
In the darkness known to man
That vile serpent known of old
Satin prince of the world

Now released to ply his trade
Now comes the one O so vile
Full of hate steeped in rage anger burns
Rooted deep within the seeds of jealousy
Bringing envy lust and greed with him
The infections deadly to all men

The seeds he brings
On the horse, O so red as blood
Comes to man to be embraced
His beloved his lust
For his brothers blood

O his lovely bride is envy
Grown from his embracing hate
The fruit of mankind’s tree is rage
His greatest labor war

Hate seems so sweet to mortal man
A fruit that easily becomes mankind
Death with its destruction seems to please
Man he justifies his ways
He loves to…

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Have we overcome, a question


In recent memory children of all walks of life have been told to remember a great man. One who had a dream; this dream was passed on from another man, one even greater than he. The dreamer called all who followed him to remember this man; this son of God and to love peace more than life, to refrain from all violence to turn the other cheek , to stand in solidarity with all men and women everywhere for he saw all men as brothers. For to overcome one must learn how to forgive.






A rose is always a Rose no matter what the Name.

A Rose will bloom yet so soon fade, but the glory of its beauty will be ever in the memory to remain.

So this Minister, this man of God had a dream. That of all God’s children would one day be standing hand in hand together.  For he felt they could overcome the past. But some men and some women cannot overcome they prefer to remain entrenched in the past.


O I have heard the repetitiveness of this saying, O the harmonious ringing of we shall overcome.


But O my friends what has been overcome? Entrenched in the past hate anger and rage grows.


Why my child do you take such pride in putting down and making another suffer as you once did; o my child is this what overcoming means to you?


 Is this how you overcome? What of forgive take a hand and stand in unity and justices?


Is the past violence all the hurts and shame overcome by doing this to others?


By becoming what you say you hate my sweet child are you overcoming anything or proving that you are no better than the men of ages past who did what you justify now?


If this is your way of overcoming, your ideal way; then you have failed at overcoming?


With each preceding generation the new sub-divisions take hold in our nation. We as a people have become lovers of the past and not doers of the way. We are now a people who love to be viewed as victims, so we can justify our anger, hate, and outrages action, not to ourselves, but to others claiming someone else made us do it.


So what is that we have overcome; responsibility, self-respect, respect for others?


So many men and women who claim Christ are not doers of his way or else we as a people would have overcome. The man who cried out so long ago;” I have a dream,” overcame. Yet his dream of all God’s children has been changed. For today they speak of separation, division, and sub-divisions. When Christian ministers incite anger, rage, and hate against others what has been overcome.  These men rather than pleading as the first did for calm, none violence, with peace, forgiveness, love.  Instead they seek retribution and desire to punish those who have tried to overcome their past.  By seeking out and magnifying past mistakes of other, never taking note of those committed by themselves.


If we as a nation have overcome should we be offended by a word?


Should we be looking back and missing what has been taking place?


If we shall overcome, I must ask when?


As long as we are offended by the use of any word, we are children playing at being noble adults, when shall we overcome?


 If in the course of time we can let go of offenses over words yes, child when a word no long causes us to strike out in rage anger and allows us to be incited to hate. Then we will have overcome and we will have learned one small part of forgive.

Satin lives and loves to incite many good men and women to rage to be passionate to be zealots. But Christ calls us to peace love and empathy for love covers a multitude of offenses. The dreamer knew all this the dreamer taught all this for he was a man who knew the way……

Terrorist-Enabler @SenJohnMcCain Angry With Terrorist-Supporting Obama’s Prisoner Exchange


Many now openly rebuke the man, it is difficult to find a supporter. Saw one of his bumper sticker the other day the vehicle had Veteran plates so being disabled as the driver I asked what he now thought, he was not pleased for he explained that was in the window when he bought the car. But we agreed the O man has brought CHANGE and not Change for good but for bad. yes CHANGE has come to our hurt and shame. Remember the war is over and we lost so says the party of defeat the demonic social demon=rats

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Terrorist-Enabler @SenJohnMcCain Angry With Terrorist-Supporting Obama’s Prisoner Exchange

Pot. Kettle. Black.

We ALL already know that Obama is a terrorist enabler & sympathizer..

People ask me why I ‘pick on John McCain’.  I live in Arizona.   And, if the search engines fill up enough that his crimes against humanity reach my newspaper, then I will have done my job.   I am thinking and praying of starting a rebellion against McCain up here.  I know I’m a female and this would be hard because I am emotional, but maybe this is something I can do…  Perhaps I can plead with Mr Putin to finance the rebellion with truths, pictures of McCain with terrorists, photos of McCain in Ukraine, etc..  I’m asking God about it.   If I am able, then I will have helped the whole planet as John McCain is the biggest terrorist supporter in the world.

At any rate…

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