so many attribute these words to the Beatles but they are a treasure found in the wisdom of man



today on my flat blue hued screens I look I see angry hateful and enraged liberals progressive socialist spewing their twisted ideology. These bullies are bigots who are racist intolerant claiming to respect honor and love all men. However the truth cries out they lie seems our liberal progressive socialist democrats love the lie embrace the hate they instill in others with great joy

No fences allowed for the us, but in Europe they build the high


we are rebuked for building a barrier to protect our boarders yet the EU says it’s wrong but it’s good for them. Jerry the clown refuses to obey feeling the fed will support his state and him. Now what can be done ? Pull federal funds if jerry needs voters if the liberals progressive socialist democrats are desperate for voters then let them know they must choose or they will lose federal funding completely.

When will lies come to an end


once again the liberals in the media have repacked the same old spew forgetting it has worked out in the past. The truth of corruption is it’s the venue of the progressive socialist liberal democrats who when caught blame shame and point out as Hilary so often said it’s a vast right wing republicans conspiracy. Yet there is a problem the Con is not the republicans but the democrats

Atheists say shroud is fake


science has been used to deny Church relics in the past. They have done so in the past so they will do so in the future. Whenever men seek to impose their disbelief on the believing it does an injustice too all. Science has for modern man become a religion in and of itself. Yet that same religion will not rebuke any other religion except one; for it is against Christians and Christianity only. For myself to question the shroud is to question others faith, to take away a tool a reminder of what the Christ went through if nothing more. It shows what or how he suffered for us.

Old odd prude

I am getting old I weary of what I see of what I hear ;so I speak now in a low tone. I ask why what and how could a people degenerate into what we have chosen to become. I hear socialist claim the Christ while demanding the right to take an unborn child’s life. The progressive they agree so do the liberals all are one all agree the three are democrats they have one goal to end our republic take away our rights this they say is their right for we the people need them to protect us, from what? From them, but they offer up a gift the price they claim is free yet they take your hard earned money to give you trinkets while they live in luxurious lifestyles.