seems Julia Roberts is spreading their word; telling the left to take back the religion of the right, so will the great queen of self , the self mutilating glorified highly praised of holy wood and stone the prophet of self realize her dream of no victory’s for the right and the loss of the first and second amendment freedoms . Choose now for if the liberals progressive socialist democrats ideology wins our freedoms will fade


One more person who can say whatever he likes and insult the president as he wishes. It’s sad so many celebrities hate Trump but love Obama this should show us where the wealthy sit what they support liberal progressive socialist democrats, they feel we the spoken silent majority are wrong. But then we are mad as well at being told by Nancy Harry and others we need them to think for us. Finally we love Israel and the Jewish people; God bless Our President Mr Donald Trump

Canada: Plea deal over honor killing threats saves Muslim refugee couple from deportation

Wow, so they are now free to mourn her accidental death at some time in the future. How sad for all of us that the Canadian legal system has bow to Islam where will it end?

Creeping Sharia

Source: ‘A very critical clash of cultures’: Plea deal over honour killing threats saves Syrian couple from deportation | National Post

A Syrian refugee couple who threatened their adult daughter with an honour killing for dating a Canadian man have made a plea deal with New Brunswick prosecutors that will save them from possible deportation back to their war-ravaged homeland.

Ahmad Ayoub, 52, and his wife Faten, 48, were freed this week after 72 days in jail, after pleading guilty to uttering threats as a summary conviction offence, and being sentenced to time served.

If they had been convicted of the more serious indictable offence of uttering threats, for which a trial was scheduled in the summer, they would have faced a sentence in the range of six months to a year, up to a maximum of two years.

More importantly, they would have faced the possibility of…

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Covering page; shelter page of Protection

My new opening page which now may list some of my: Thoughts Views or bad Ideas of which my

Blog does contain or may contain at some time or another


The Idea for my newest Blog came to me while watching the news and late-night television; what I call the blue hued screen into modern voyeurism and skirting the edge of morality and sin, so here it is called for want of a better description I.B.B. the dread disease.

Now are you asking why, wondering how, looking for when, and making excuse where we can.

Far too many view why; as being easy, how as deceiving, but it can be seen if only in hind sight, as to the when or where, well people make many excuses, to justify the choices then place blame on everyone they can.  Wanting people to be stunned, so that when those standing by or as they say in vigilant silence; they can advance their agenda by placing blame and shame on everyone but themselves.  saying no or with excuse of how they feel and why it’s reasonable to give up freedoms in order to feel safe while in reality we become slaves to a system that takes more and more from us. As to where well once again where could also be how; how will you know, can you can the people know. You see the left controls education its tool for control is in the asking or pushing the feel button and so if education is limited. As what? Well then. So when it will and how will it end or be resolved or appeased many ask that new age question: when will we see closure? One way is if we as a people start to follow blindly. The batter way is to accept respect and love one another’ if we, yes we, could only remember to love our fellow man.


In all honesty as so many of you; I have many varied odd thoughts and many random ways of seeing an issue.


Recently my daughter had genetic testing done. These test are a wind fall for hospital and labs costing three thousand dollars or more and most insurances pay but leave the insured owing a third of the cost in many cases. I have gotten a kick out of the commercials about 23 and me all these poor people seeing what their makeup is feeling this denotes their heritage their ethnic origin who they are. I simple words we are who we are we are a product of our mother our father, their parents, and so on. But I have also been greatly saddened by the consequences of and the extreme measures some have chosen because these tests have shown they have markers for certain diseases.  These people who have their bodies mutilated because of a test need pity not praise.

I get a kick out of me 23; a DNA test that states definitely who you are; really what a deal. Here is a clue sleight of hand, no lost eyesight, no personal or self, well maybe everyone focuses on only one small piece of their biological pie, the greater of the percentages of their make. So even though composed of many different peoples or gene combination’s the percentage that is larger is now who they are? So is your make-up was 26 23 18 10 8 5 10 for I have yet to see anyone listed show 100 or 90 plus 10 we are all made up of many different genes from many different places so what does it say to me? It proves one thing we are the human race a rainbow created in God image. I saw the genetic make up for a man in northern American he was northern European by genetic make-up yet he was identified as African even though he was not genetically African.


Trying to understand the mentality of the politically correct. Is so difficult

Massachusetts: Woman slashes throats of two bus passengers, then prays to Allah

anther story of the love of Islam and how it and its followers subvert the laws of so many Christian nations.

Creeping Sharia

Source: Police report describes footage of woman slashing Hadley bus passengers’ throats |  h/t EOTW

HADLEY – After the woman charged with slashing two passengers and the driver of a Pioneer Valley Transit Authority bus was handcuffed and read her rights, she apologized.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me,” Brietta Brown said, according to the arrest report. “Please apologize to them for me, will they survive? I hope Allah will forgive me.”

The arrest report, written by Hadley Police Officer Thomas Chabot, also describes surveillance video from the bus, which was heading east on Route 9 when the attack occurred.

The video shows Brown sitting calmly after boarding the bus. She was seated on the passenger side of the bus behind the victims, who were sitting together. “At no point in time was there any interaction between them prior to the attack,” Chabot wrote.

Brown could be…

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