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Illegal called legal

I as many do not care who immigrates to the United States. My problem is with those who break the law to come here and stay here. In far to many cases these people are victims of slavers they are thus made criminals working in prostitution drug and many other criminal enterprise. The consequences of these so many liberals call immigrants is that their actions have caused and will continue to cause an overwhelming backlash against those seeking to come here by legal channels. So those people’s cities and others who aid in the breaking of federal laws cause far more harm to those who would be here not to change our nation but to join and become productive taxpayers; whereas illegals benefit none but those who shelter them from the law as they aid in breaking the laws of the nation they have invaded. They use children as a shield to protect them to insure them protection from the law to gain sympathy for themselves by preying on individuals who feel sorry for them. Illegals thus use children as shield as so many terrorist also do.

One sided injustices

Me now has exposed many predators yet has not acknowledged nor accepted the fact that women are in truth also predatory creatures just as much as the male, the victim of the female stays silent out of embarrassment shame self loathing. Unlike the female they never will talk for it is not a manly act. Women speaking up garner praise men who speak out are called liars. So the female can go on racking up victims.

Fear and anger mongers

We had seen the federal bureaucracy our entrench federal government try and oust President Trump; they are fast at work against him at every turn. So what is the job of the government “to serve the people “. However if you speak to those angered by President Trump the business of government is to be served by the people. So what lays ahead?

More hate monger info from the left and sadly even from the right because mister Trump has done what they could not. So now will his party finally stand up and do what they promise by those who elected them to serve or must the people find others who will keep their word. Time will tell but government run like a business is far more efficient and better able to serve than the greedy wealthy bureaucracy we have now.

Global warming or the war against the West

So many have come on come up with but the answer escapes them all. Common sense eludes the wise for the answers right in front of man. Trees simply put plant the trees shade the parking lots, trees bring rain provide shade and building materials. Where trees abound temperatures are ten degrees cooler. Then of course it rains far more abundantly. We once had a group called the national arbor society we celebrated Arbor Day by planting trees, once upon a Time our streets were lined with trees homes surrounded by trees have lower heating and cooling costs. Air pollution is lower are is cleaner odd common sense does not prevail. Planting trees will stop global warming line our highways parking lots and street again with the able beauty of the trees.

If only

It seems so many have forgot the truth of history lost. We should ask of what we are for many of us are descendants of slaves and slavery is not the privy of just one group. Many a white was sent to the americas as slaves by European courts. This is hidden for if it were know how could one group then justify its hold on hate anger and rage over past injustice claimed done to only them.

The country of New Chicago

They now issue ID cards to illegals, thus they say federal laws is nothing. They have said by this act that they are above federal law. So will they issue passports to these new Chicago citizens? At least they acknowledge their slaves yet this act makes them beholden to the same types of men they fled in their native land. They give their children over to sexual predators the girls to prostitution oh what freedom enslaved in the name regression liberation of the new social Democratic Party they are right in one thing these slaves are made to perform for less than legal citizens would for these jobs are forced upon them in the name of freedom.