True value

what we value and what we need to value



Today we see a rise of young men and women who desire the destruction of capitalism and its freedom and liberty; they seek the structure control and misunderstandings of socialist ideology thinking that the state should control a persons life. Sadly those who wish this upon all of us are the educated elite. The left wing is at war attacking freedom of religion freedom of speech freedom of lifestyle freedom of happiness. Some say hey they support freedom of lifestyle and happiness; yes, seemly so, but look at their mentors Russia China and Cuba to name a few. Alternative lifestyles are deviant in a socialist liberal progressive ideology based society. I heard one masked Democratic supporter say they would welcome a society based on a Nazi form. These are the leaders of the anti Trump campaign. These are the Hillary Sanders Waters Pelosi and Reed Democratic Party support

Political hate rage and anger, are at work as socialist liberals progressive democrats seek power and the enslavement of the American people. We see the cracks growing as they use half truths and lies. Case in point Mr. Kavanaugh was appointed in 2006 where were his accusers then? This is all being done to divide our nation. Events of thirty five years ago are difficult at best to recall youth who have been consuming alcohol have twisted memories of events and time memories of events change and what we come to believe as true may not be, eye witness identification is the most faulty of all; may I remind you that many an innocent person has served time because of eye witness testimony which turned out to be false.