Is there a Hell?


a very good expression of what we all need to know and consider.

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Is There a Hell?

By:  Norton Herbst

There is no religious topic more uncomfortable to talk about than hell. Is it real?

Maybe you’ve heard the old rule of thumb: “Never talk about politics or religion.” Well, that goes double for the sensitive subject of hell. Of all the topics related to religion, perhaps none is more uncomfortable than hell.

Sure, some revel in it. Seven hundred years ago, Dante waxed eloquently about hell in his epic poem The Divine Comedy. Today, passionate fanatics slam their fists, speak of fire and brimstone, and wave their street signs at all who might heed their warnings.

Others joke about hell. When playing their cross-town rivals, Duke University students chant, “Go to hell, Carolina! Go to hell!” And of course, hell has become the grand superlative: “the date from hell,” “the apartment from hell,” “the job from hell,” “the vacation…

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What? What a Joke!!!


awarded the prize for his role in the destruction of the America he and his wife, their party and their cohort’s in the brotherhood see as evil. Yes he gave general aid to terrorist in Egypt Libya Syria and fostered an idea that Israel was some how a villain and a terror organization rather than a democratic law abiding nation due all rights as stated in the UN charter. What is noble in a prize given for half truth and in support of all men’s freedom is a farce and I can see nothing noble in any of it.

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For what?

With the Nobel Institutes selection, President Obama becomes the third man ever to win a Nobel Prize more than one time. He joins legendary physicist John Bardeen and brilliant chemist Fredrick Sanger, who were each awarded two Nobels in their respective fields.

Source: Obama To Receive Second Nobel Peace Prize – USAToday

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Think About It!!


Will this make the gangs any less violent? Here is a thought: police knowing of the gangs intended crime spree stop and try to arrest known gang members. there is a fight all caught on film of course. police are charged with excessive force law suits ensue. the neighborhood’s where the gangs are violence filled for they are protected by the people who live there. they hate the law more than the gang. perhaps to get their aid the drug money should be used as an incentive a reward. arresting them costs millions and millions.

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LA get this threat..

Gang contest to murder 100 people in 100 nights cripples Los Angeles….

And their City Council in their infinite ‘wisdom’,

does this..

Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to make it illegal to be in possession of high-capacity ammo magazines, likely setting up a new Second Amendment battle in the Golden State.

Makes sense…

I am sure the gang bangers will be all for it!!

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Come and see ,come and hear;shine a light the darkness nears

An old warning no longer taught
We have become so arrogant in our ways
We are but fools so full of pride and our fall is soon to come
Do you know the muffin man? Do you hear the candy man? Can you see the candy house over there on Purdy lane?

Satan wins the minds of many and may ask me how; yet my answer you will laugh at ridicule and deride as foolish and paranoid. Why because you yourself refuse to see acknowledge what lay before your eyes or what is heard with-in your hearing. Satan win over vast new recruits thanks to Television aided by these new agnostic atheist who hold positions as the network nitwits those who think of themselves as wish yet are fools who have no understanding no fear no reverence for God, but do enjoy playing like the fool with things they do not understand. They open doors they curse God and allow evil then to thrive calling good evil and making evil appear to be good. So on any given day at any hour of the night one can see displays of mortal man defeating evil, using evil against evil dividing a house and allowing the spirit then to enter. The bible say do not even have the semblance of contact with these things.for the birds 016
Our air waves are filled with these Modern soothsayers, mediums, sorcerers, the spiritualist all who say they have a gift a second sight a familiar spirit and special guide. They claim to see and talk to the dead, but do they really? The book of life says in these few words the dead know nothing. So who is in the light? They do encourage their quarry to go into the light they say your loved one says good bye, but was it really your loved one or a demon pretending to be them. I say again these words from Paul “the dead know not anything.”
Read and learn the time is short: who is called the morning star who is the angel of the light who can appear as good and pleasing who seeks your soul your very life?
Go into the light, follow the light, this is the cry of the new age spiritualist. A warning was given the follower of the way: what should you do? Run do not pass go do not give or take two hundred dollars you’re in a trap a pleasing slippery trap. Avoid those people who claim to talk to the dead, they converse only with demons. They seek one thing your soul your life.The boundaries were set at the time of creation

Why Is The Army Hiring People To Provide ‘Emergency Support To Disaster Stricken Areas Throughout The US’?

Why Is The Army Hiring People To Provide ‘Emergency Support To Disaster Stricken Areas Throughout The US’?


we can wonder ponder and wait. the change we were promised by the Democratic party and our man of pieces may come about; just think of it re-education camps freedom exchanged for pacification and military rule with Shari law . yes CHANGE has come a long way will it final show its whole face to us?

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Does the Army expect that there will soon be “disaster stricken” areas all over the country?  As you will see in this article, a job advertisement has been posted on a federal website seeking workers that “will provide emergency support to disaster stricken areas throughout the US“. This was originally reported by Shepard Ambellas of Intellihub, but it is not receiving nearly as much attention as it perhaps should.  What parts of the nation does the U.S. Army believe will soon be “disaster stricken”?  By itself, this job ad wouldn’t be raising that many eyebrows, but when you combine this with the unusual number of “military training exercises” that are taking place all around the country and with the very strange movements of military equipment that have been reported recently, it gives the appearance that the U.S. military is feverishly making preparations for something big.


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