My religion

My religion has ten major points of teaching which are things I choose to do, it has two decrees which are nessary to the whole of my faith; they intern define the ten and declare the truth of the one. There is one command given all who accept this burden by our Lord Jesus the Christ.

That is: to do as he has done; live as I have lived.

True compassion was found at the cross; these words are found in the word: there is no greater love than a man lay down his life for another.

It does not say for an insult, a piece of land, a wallet or a cross word; it does not say for only your Mother father brother sister or family; no it says openly another a stranger anyone! Yes a person you do not know.

For all life is sacred. Taking of life is to be avoided.

For my religion, my faith is built upon a sure foundation; it has a key cornerstone which the world now rejects; however embodied therein in the few in this one; one finds all that and more.


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