Comment on a word lets say no. too the N

C.A.N.N. we talk?

Negro Native American Asian Caucasian all describe groups of peoples with various shades of color. It is men with narrow minds who perceive them as good or bad, the ignorant use key words to separate and divide. I was born in America I am an American, my friends are American my relative are American, I do not care from where they came or the shade they are or another outward body types. What I care about is that which is on the inside, their moral character.

So I guess I like or enjoy being a member of C.A.N.N. of America; for we can do nothing without each other, we are all in this together.

Mr. King had a dream, I see that dream full filled all around. Yet narrow minds living in the past do not. It seems when the children are left alone they do far better than those who claim to know what they need.

I have come to an oddity of a conclusion. race is something we all run, the race is something we defend, and the race is never finished until all men can win.


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