A guide for dummies; those of us not so wise on Faith and Religion

Religion and or Faith have many meanings depending on who you ask.

These two words invoke in many the same idea yet are in reality far removed from each other as the east is from the west. However man has mixed up the two mostly to impose his order on others.

Religion is composed of like minded men and women who desire to follow certain ideas set forward by certain men. There is no reason to debate which of the Christian orders is superior to the other for they all have a central core which many among them adhere to.

Faith belongs to religions, justifies its followers, and even faith is made composed of many groups or types of faith, all define them selves and it as either pro religion or anti religion. The many of the pro side belong to the many churches with all their varied ways. Those anti to religion can be found on college campuses they are the highly learned they view themselves as superior too those of the blue collar nature lower middle management or simply anyone not in their chosen clique.

Anti religion deniers of their faith:

This growing group of anti or antagonist of the faithful; those who proclaim: I have no faith I have no religion. A group who claim most vehemently; we have no religion thus we have no faith. Yet they do! It is just as much a religion as any other with all the earmarks, all the trappings as all the rest. But they are blind to and refuse to see, are deaf to even their own words; so fail also to hear. These people are well learned but see man as the pinnacles of all not as a well formed and loved creation of a loving God but as an animal no better than their dogs cats or myriad other pets. As animals man should have no limits on his acts or actions. Morality is what one chooses it to be at a certain time place or event. There is no good or bad. No black and white all is gray………..

Pro religion defenders of their faith:

This group composed of many varied groups have in kind devotion to faith in the promise made by the one; The Lord the savior the Christ Jesus. Their faith their religion can be summed up in one word Love.

For this small group there is black and white without the gray, morality matters it is set and fixed, and there really is good and bad. This the last makes us sad. This group is found with-in and with-out all the religions. Yes, some shall, will be found in that group now anti to the Christ when the time comes.

Quick summation of faith:

A Christian will say I have faith, the antagonist says I have none so both are doing they are in exact polar opposition to each other. But are they? They each have faith in something they can not see or prove conclusively to one another. That is the nature the innate quality of faith; it is the hope for the desire for the promise yet to be something hoped for.

However one group will seek always to show its self superior to the other, so it asks questions to elicit an answer they then attack they pick they chose one line out of context to prove a point. Just as one of their own will use a fragment of a bone a scratch on a rock and say eureka a line only to be proven wrong once again. For found among those few fragments are things rejected for they do not fit the precise idea that they seek to prove.

Religion: a place where a man or woman feels safe among friends.

Religions all however are structured unwavering and ridged. Most clergy most scientists, churches and Colleges are also, these two groups; who often now stand in opposition to one another were once interchangeable in their very purest of natures.

So when I hear man or woman says boldly I have no faith, I have no religion I know I am hearing one of the most ardent defenders of any faith of any religion ever. Be it however the polar opposite of mine.

Likewise when I hear someone declare I am a Christian I have come to wonder; for I know who I am I do not need to say such things but for them and many others this is their rally point like the symbol scratched in the sand that say we are tougher, we are one. Most always this comes from one not sure of themselves seeking interaction. This also applies to those anti to religion or faith

I show my belief in the Christ in how I live and interact with all men. In pointing this truth out, one arouses the anger of the defender and the declarer, the anti faithful for in their hearts they do so think that denial and declaring is a way of being; When it is in fact a way of accepting. Yes, all who deny are in fact in and of a religion are defenders of their faith as are those who like the Pharisee declared in the market or the temple court I am a righteous man look at me. They prattle on, tear down others while their faith their religion they up lift.

So the end of the matter is thus:

The faithful shall go on religion shall still grow one group is for the Christ the other it is not. In this war of words patients love compassion will win out; when foul words the anti does shout out. Thank them bless them remind them all that Christ has faith in them. For the truth is he is calling blessed is he who takes the time to see and listen.

An after thought:

If science is right on the following that our universe is winding down and that at some point in the future all the lights will go out: they call this theory entropy. Now if one reads a bible one knows that the world the heavens the stars above are in decline and that at some point all will go out, we just have a reason sin which caused death to enter in so all things are now in decline. But these two Ideas can and do state the very same thing. Darwin took notes on the changes in the species in isolated areas they neither lost or gained genetic information but certain things were turned off, the markers the genes still are present this was done in order to adapt to specific areas. They were still bird’s lizards and so on; some birds had bigger beaks the lizard a different color or ate different food. This is called adaptation. This is no different from the statement found which says each after its own kind.

Science says mixing of differing species or kinds can not work as does the bible with a short line of each after its own kind, for the mixing of horse and donkey produces a sterile offspring not a viable new creature but a sterile Mule. But one sadly doomed to be first and last of its family line. Saber tooth tigers look a lot like ligers a mix of lion and tiger a huge animal can stand over nine feet on its hind legs full grown and it has some long teeth. There is a saying if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck; well. I am not a scientist I am what a man of science calls a fool but who knows.

Science denied many animals such as the silver back apes well into the twentieth century calling the natives ignorant and barbaric for saying such things, for they had concluded that man was the greatest ape and none could be his equal but also their theory said it was impossible.

Yet Genesis allows for the existence of the great apes and many other creatures that science denies. All of this is taken on faith.


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