Three question asked

The following questions were posted on a discussion board.

Following you will find my responses to the questions.

I must point out that after my responses the questioner pointed out to me that the ten commandments were unethical immoral evil and cruel.

Here is the exchange that followed: His question and his responses such as they were and my answers.


He asked:

1. Will a sinner go to heaven. He asked

What scriptures backup people entering the Kingdom of God  or Heaven with their SIN with them?

My Answer: none

He then had the following to say:
2. I challenge all to tell me; who they are; and where in the HOLY BIBLE you can find these scriptures?

My answerer: I am, who I am,  there are no scriptures that say in any way,none say a sinner can enter into heaven.

He then asked in more direct way

3. In other words, do SINNERS GO TO HEAVEN?
Answer: NO with the following explanation.
Christ’s sheep those called by his name will enter into eternal life. So it says within the word. One must repent of ones sins and not do them again. One can be tempted but not by God and one can always say no to the temptation. All one need do is ask. Those who are his sheep believe he is the living son of God.
Those who are his keep his commands and decrees not as work but as guidelines reminders for their daily life.

In my final response to question two:
I believe in the following: every man or woman who works should have at least one day off per week I prefer two myself.
I believe that honoring or respecting my parent is the right thing to do
I believe I should not cheat on my wife,it might really make her mad and cost me my happy home
I believe murder is wrong but there are many who say the ten are evil and vile, well I many be wrong.
I believe that to lie is wrong, but again so many disagree
I believe that stealing is wrong.And again I am called silly for holding this opinion.
I believe it is wrong to be jealous of what someone else has. But as I keep pointing out so many tell me I am a fool for this opinion also.

Now I skipped the first three so as not to anger you. But what God have I forced on you? What God has any Christian forced on anyone? I believe in Jesus and the ways he taught, that is all the God I need or want.
However many people worship football teams musicians and some worship other gods, Its theirs and your own choice, go and be happy.
Now having said that I do not use my Gods name when I swear, I try real hard not to swear. But I am human so dam does slip out now and then.
Finally some people get very violent if you insult their favorite team or player.So I guess the first three could be said pick your own god and place it here.
And to conclude I pray to Christ just as so many others pray to their respective teams or chosen idols.
And sir never have I, nor will I ever, force or tell you how to ever live.

You asked the three questions .



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