Rules for all young women

To all young women daughters all:
I can not judge you or your frineds. I can however tell you what I have learned in fifty plus years.

so I offer these eight rules and the following comments:

1, once a jerk he is always a jerk this applies to women also.
2, you can not change anyone, only your self
3..once you realize rules one and two are true, happy you can be
4 if he loves you he will do all he can to make you happy,
This means he is selfless and giving;lifting you up giving you honor and respect
5. if he tells you do this or that because you love him,
Then he is selfish self centered. he should be doing this for you
6. if you have had to give of your self to keep him,
that is lust and again selfish of him, porn can count as a form of adultery, what one thinks is what one does.
7. if he desires you and says wait!
count him a saint and a selfless man of God

Now number 8 is for new beginnings:
8. My dear daughter for you all good things will come; here is how.
to those who pray and patiently wait upon the lord.

1. Most people do not change; they put on an appearance of change,
yet too acquire what they desire. read rule 1 above.
2. Most young women such as your self feel they can change or aid in the change of the man; they feel for. Refer back to rule 2 above.
3. most young men desire and will use the line if you love me, you will do this for me.
You have eluded to this. refer to rule 5
4. those who realize there is a problem
1. step back and seek council,
Most avoid the best council those with wisdom , who should you ask:
Parents grandparents Minister.
For myself I always went to my father and asked him. I valued his advise and council. Sometimes I did not agree for it went against how I felt and yet it was always the right way to go. My grand father said learn from others mistakes and do not in hast make a choice you will regret. My Father, has passed away but he would say to as I do now : step back and go to your parents.

Refer to rule eight on the list, rest on it. I have advised my own daughter with this same advice. It sounds hard but get a good education a good job and then let God find your husband for you. It will happen all in good time may you be blessed.
About rules 5 or 6. For he has no right to these things. They are for your husband only.This same holds true for men.


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