The questions I have asked

I have a question strictly for the Following people:

Atheist, Relative man and humanist man:

I have noted the pride they take in their hate not of the Christian but of the Christ and the teachings that come from the faith.
Many have said and made clear they revile the Ten Commandments some have called them unethical vile evil and disgusting; But when asked why none has ever given a reason why.
Always their responses take on a personal nature but never has anyone of these so thoughtful intelligent people ever explained why the commandments are to them evil vile or disgusting.

I asked them to tell which god is being proposed? Where in them are they told they must do anything they do not wish to? (choice is always theirs)
I proposed that a god or idol could be what ever they choose, football team singer movie star even them self for the humanist relative man and atheist deny they worship anything yet always they set self above all.
So I proposed that since it said do not bow down to an image you are taking offense at that? For you worship one of these many things or what is evident you worship yourself. This same principal hold then true of the taking of the name in vain or in simple speak maligning of a movie star a singer a favorite team a car or yourself.
That covers the first three so explain how they offend you.

The next one must be the most evil of them all; for it says in simple speak all men should have no less than one day of rest. What a terrible thing to teach and say. But relative humanist man and Atheist tell men how is that offending?

Comes now an even more evil thing to do: teaching children to honor their parents other adults and civil authority, this has got to be the one that is the most offending of all right?

Or perhaps it is this respecting your partner not cheating on your spouse. Yes, this is it then; this is what is evil and vile for all to do; the honoring the person you say you love in all ways. Yes, this is vile and evil to do…

I still do not understand why they are so evil or vile but hey I am only a follower of the Christ who said those who are mine will follow being taught and keeping these commands. This why you hate me?

Now we come to this one do not do murder, it does not talk about war instituted by governments it talks of speaks to acts and actions between the individuals do not do murder. Murder is a planned act it is something one chooses to do for personal gain for ones own self interest.
So is it this one that is evil and vile? Or do you feel that taking an innocent life is justify no matter what, for the ends justify the means.

Now we are nearing the end so is it the teaching of our children to not lie or steal or be envious of what others have that is evil to you and unethical.


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