Uncommon sense and simple thoughts

Somewhere at some point for reasons unknown, we started to accept this idea that all bad things come from God. Many now believe only some good things are Gods will and that gods true will is to test man with bad? While others claim it’s all a product of chance, even the Christian now does this.

Someone wins the lottery it’s called good luck; someone dies in a tragic wreck it’s now blamed on gods will.

The blame is placed on God his will; know fault now of the drivers choices or the mechanical condition of the car, only Gods will. Forget speed or whether, Gods will suffices here, know longer is it a mans choices.

We hear and see far too many people blame the results of their actions, their freewill choices on the will of God. But when a good thing comes their way, well that is luck!  No more do they say thank you lord God or say Gods will was to bless me, he brought this too me, No, it’s luck it’s me, I did this. When good is had it is mans choice when a tragedy comes it is always blamed on Gods will..

God’s will his desire is all should live, that all could be saved, but there is a the stipulation, a decree you see ,one must submit to his will, his way, trust implicitly in him.


In our day in this, the end of days, our age, we see men and women seeking to blame anyone and everything for their choices. They reject their responsibility and seek to pass along the results of their misdeeds to others.


The man who builds his house upon the sands; is shaking his fist at God and wonders, why it is destroyed when a hurricane comes along, sitting Gods will, he sues the builder the state anyone he can, But wisdom tells us it was his choices.


         Faulty wiring, the house burns down. Oh, no again Gods will, no the mistakes of an electrician or Aged wires do cause fires, not the God above.

Choices that we make lead to certain ends but if we do repent, return and rest in him the results of those choices the impact he does less in.

Gods will is mans has choice, we can choose him or go on merrily within our chosen form of sin. 

Even there he does, as was the promise read and heard in Paul’s writing he sends a comforter a deceiving spirit so we can enjoy our time.

Today I set before you life and death chose life…we are not forced we are not enticed we are asked a simple fact.


Choices I made in my youth still affect me to this day. Some were wrong some were right yet each implied or has a consequence. Choices made roads we took lead and lead to where we are. For good or bad, the choices were and are still ours.

Gods will mans choice, do we accept his word have faith in him or trust our own self to see us through. My answers I learned late in life from Joshua but it is true; as for me and my house we shall serve the lord submit it all to Gods will, that is his will and my choice, For he is in me, I in him freely given out of love….


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