Whats the reason

Growing up I did believe, oh how I did buy in. Not fully cooked  I never sought it out; I took it in,yes all they sold as a child I did believe.

Then one day in the course of time the glitter did wear off, the tarnish came on slowly I found out the lies they told. Yes, time it took the shine and exposed the dull cold harsh truth. Still not cooked  I began a long search for the truth, Sadly this is how I found the more the lies that did abound.

Christ I found was never in the that season; for  it was evil and so vile.  And We as his followers were told to have no part of all these pagan ways. Yet here we are accepting and defending what the Christ told us was wrong.

Because a man did come along in the course of time; a man we were warned about by Paul; This man who would be emperor needed more warriors  and sought to unify his new kingdom so to make more converts to his way to achieve his desire he adopted a new faith that many of the people had . Now this new faith help to gain him more new friends so the new Emperor made the change; one that would ensure his popularity for he decreed that from now on all these things were Christian. Yes, keep your idols and your ways for now you are a Christian.
They made it shine, they’ve sucked us in, entrapping us with contrived lies and fictitious stories. The Church has played its part so well like a drunken harlot sitting astride the great beast of lies ;drinking wine for the people give to her and thank her for the lies.
It is written: when I was a child I though as a child, now as man I am  responsible for seeking out the truth.

Still not cooked I am looking It can be found; if one just looks in a book so many have; read it ask the question why. Then ask yourself if we are or do as Christ did why are we celebrating the pagan season? Why have we placed a tramp stamp on our Christ our lord?.


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