Thought Police abound

The thought police are every where; monitoring every thing thats said; so watch your words, be careful now of what you say or who you quote; for they will nail you to the cross of public ridicule, for any words or phrases that can be deemed as hurting any of  the selected groups on the list of politically correct.

Now on street corners in our cities, one hears the N word shouted out, on live at the Apollo it is the word so favored by comedians used as a catch phrase a punch line. So as these groups of men of color bande it about; one wonders why if it hurts is it used so frivolously. Now the H word or the C word are used to refer to those so pale ,yet no one is offended, one demands for heads to roll, no one wants the perceived offender impaled on a pole, It seems that Tom Sawyer can not now be read,nor the word Chink clink dink or others can no longer now be used. Yet this  turn about is justified for what was done far in the past. Seems everyone wants to be a victim everyone seeks something to hate with this kind of thinking only hate mistrust and anger will grow and division with its scorn will come.

And a nation once full of promise will fall into the pit of rage with groups so full of hate over the meaning of a word now isn’t that a shame.

Honky and Cracker are also offensive words to some as is round eyes and many others.

When will we put off the past hate and put on the future of caring? It is narrow minded back ward looking narrow thinking men and women, who bring up and harp on a word or phrases, who stir up trouble, who ho;ld us back who drag us down.

There are those who live to cause trouble and  if they can fire people up over a word they have proven one thing the true foolishness of man.


One thought on “Thought Police abound

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