Change: things to come

A scary quote from the left: there will be no Change except the courts make it and enforce it. taken back I have always been taught Congress makes the Laws, its then the court’s job to administer it fairly and impartially. I think I need to look up the system of government that relies on court to rule. for these changing times have confused the meaning of republic democracy and rights. for we were formed a Republic; now they claim we are Democracy, the two could not be further apart yet change it means accept or else. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it nation under God with liberty and justices for all.
My allegiance is not given to a court or a political party or view ,but to the united republic the constitution and the bill of rights even then not the courts,but that which a freely elected Congress has enacted and established by the electorate. for the end is thus; it is we the people of these United State and not anyone group or united sets of groups ruling by intimidation; which we see now every day.
Today we see rule by feel ,rule by fear, rule by offend, the use of one word or phrase can now be the cry of offense and the basis for the crucification of the speaker, yes, we now see the down fall free and open speech,the public in fear accepts the censoring of true open debate. Tyranny can not be far behind, accepted out of fear to speak, out ignorance of ones rights and the censorship is accepted.

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