The Idiot Files

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I sit here all day long,for what?

Thanks to one so dear, I have been working on my idiot files; a refined not so comprehensive work, to encourage the ignorant, so to foster perhaps some sympathy for them and to promote ignorance even more among the masses…. More to follow



The following are but a few of the new definitions I have in mind; for I am as some say one of those most ignorant of people.


In seeking to foster some sympathy and promote real understanding one must understand the words, so what follows are my rendering of a single word or phrase; they now follow:


1. Ignorant– means simply this: unlearnt, have-in learnt nuthin, have-in no skoolin

2. Ignorance’s –means simply this it’s the lack of not know-in nuthin, the inability to see truth or realize just because you can read a book and have a letter ya still got lots of learn-in to do.

3. Thar be four kinds of two’s:   

To-tells yens where ya going,

Too-means ya gots more-in what ya need,

Two-more-an one less than tree,

Then thar be a me en her, that be two, but May haps three; if we get it right, an could be more-in four sometime later

So two equals one, but makes three then four

4. School (skool) where y’all go to git some learn-in

5. Lie– what cha do when ya sleep     

6. Truth-what y’all feel it is at the time, it changes with your feelings

7. Right– away ya turn to go

8. Left– another way y’all go

9. Cracker – a pale skinned person or something for soup, crunchy or stale always pale?     

10. Honkey –what a car horn do, another term for whites, a derogatory term an insult

11. Bullies– persons who deride, insult, and degrade another, those who take pleasure in or receive self-satisfaction in their ability to shame, blame and inflame others against a single person, religion or faith; there by causing physical and emotional harm.                

12. Mob rule– when anger replaces common sense, when men and women let their emotions rule rather using their brains. 

13. Red Neck– any person who will fight for what is right including theirs and others civil rights, those who stand bodily in that gap where and when tyranny seeks to enter. Amendeum update8/31/2012. the first red necks were West Virginia Coal miners fighting the tyranical acts of modern slavery and their task masters: company towns, stores and company money. these men women and their children werre the 19th and 20th century slaves of our nation. Now they are the brunt of jokes and insulting so called reality televion. A true Red neck is intelegant and proud, they are as The West Virginia State MottoStates: “Mountineers are always free.”






14. Freedom – once meant life, liberty and your freedom to pursue your own happiness,

Once life was protected honored venerated cheered considered a blessing, for some today it is a curse for it infringes on their plans. So now life depends on circumstance the whim of another what their meaning of life is, for there are now two views, life is no longer guaranteed; so many millions have been and are being executed, their liberty taken from them, So is yours if you remain silent, if you blindly follow the group ideal and its new form of happiness. And that happiness is what you’re told it is by those in charge.

15. Free speech – what you’re allowed to say, as long as no one gets angry or offended

16. Liberal loves taxes, more and more government with more control of the people

17. Conservative hates taxes, seeks less government and less control of the people

18. Rich– those who work from 9 to 5 to draw a pay check or work a job for a salary

19. Wealthy– those who run foundations, have trusts fund, Hollywood and run for national office not all, but some.

20. Envy – what the Democratic Party feeds people on, for jealously is what they rely on to divide, their core teaching jealousy of the rich and an oddity they are so wealthy in many cases more so. So as it goes the pot does call the kettle black, the kettle answers back we are equal me and you now stop for you are a fool.( refer to defined terms of RICH and Wealthy)

21. American – Is anyone who lives with-in the nations boarders and supports it; those who pay taxes, anyone who takes an active role in learning and becoming a citizen with total allegiance to the country and its heritage, this means acceptances of the diverse American Cultural Heritage; which far exceeds that of your old

22. Hyphenation second -We should say that we are Americans first, and then we may say where our family came from; so you can be an American of What ever descent Asian, African, European, and Native, or of any nationality you choose, but always American first.

23. Evangelical or what the demos call evil-angels- if one goes and takes time to read-in the original Greek it means one who brings the good news or shares the truth of Christ’s love. Telling simply man has sinned, Christ is the savior, Christ died for our sin and Christ rose from the dead. What an evil message to give to the lost of this world.

            A Comment on Evangelicals – on Super Tuesday I kept hearing commentators use the word with disdain, stressing they were radical Christians on the far right and had the same narrow ideas of the tea party. What is a tea party is it Children pretending to socialize, Old ladies in flowery dress pretending to like each others blue grey hair? A political group standing for the core values of the founding fathers. Yes, but to the anchors they were evil crazed radicals. Rather what the British thought of Franklin, Revere, Paine, Hancock, Jefferson, and Adams and all the rest who wanted to live free.

24 Piece of the Pie lie – Liberals view wealth as a pie that can only be divided by so much and they take so much that entropy is the end result; Conservatives however view wealth as ingredients to make the pie, that they then divide among employees, themselves,’ investors and the government. The liberals see wealth as finite the Conservative see wealth as infinite, the more you work the more you make.

25. Health Care – Liberals forget that all 50 states have Health and Human services Departments funded by taxes from the rich (every one who punches a time clock or pulls down a salary for working sixty plus hours), which gives aid to the poor upon request; that is if they meet the federal guidelines or state rules of what the dems have defined as poor and needy. Any person can receive aid at any hospital, regardless of ability to pay, except in wealthy areas for some reason. The dems have used health-care as a tool to divide they have used wealth as a tool to create envy and hate among the people of our nation. Let’s remember most of the rules were instituted under Lyndon Baines a demo and the great experiment in 65.


 26, Homeless or homelessness – Liberals created a whole set of groups and sub-sets of groups starting with the red-neck, then a hillbilly and stressing how much aid these ignorant un-educated people need. They also include now some of the new homeless or mobile poor; those with jobs, but living in cars.

27. Public aid or well-fair (fare) liberals seek to increase the rolls of public aid, telling people it is their right

And of course there is the rich versus the wealthy ploy; well what they forget is the rich punch time clocks and works for a salary while the wealthy person runs foundations and the country or makes movies to entertain us and keep us passive most of the time….


Yes, I am ignorant, but I can and am willing to learn, so since I do not know anything, but I am trying to learn something each day what does that really make me?



True ignorance comes of idiots are found in this: the rule of the mob, which is ruled by anger fueled rages towards those they inwardly hate and revile. For ignorance hides with-in, wears the mask of the hypocritical showing in its rage its double standard and disdain for any other idea other than its own; truly ignorance hides in those claiming wisdom and those who feel they know all when in fact they know nothing at all.


Ignorance like its carrier the idiot is an infection it grows out of apathy and greed fed by envy and compliance; it can not be reasoned with for it will lash out like a cornered animal chanting what they are told for in them reason is gone.

Speak so eloquently when referencing what


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