Social engineer…

Social engineering at mans best, making every thing so much worse.

They tossed the ten ,a moral code, a teaching tool once praised by all.

Once  said to be the corner-stone of our nation, at its heart.

I think it’s why we made it, while others failed, so the  baby now is tossed out, long after the birth ,what have they have kept? What is their NEW ideal? Their idea, their Ideal, they get from an atheist or humanist it is that man is an animal with good intent, that everyone is good and there is no such thing as evil, yes NOW says men are bad, women are good, NOW and its followers claim men start wars, women make peace, men can not love only women care. We have heard it all for almost sixty years. So a wise writer said so long ago; vanity of vanities all is vanity,  without G-d, without faith, without love, man he sinks into anarchy.

So it’s in this I find the greatest oddity of all for if behind every great man is a woman, pushing him to his greatness; who then really is in charge? Who then really started the wars and would not stop them? Growing up in a home with seven women I learned this; They can be very viscous, oh so vindictive, and can be oh so evil and vile; for even when they are wrong, they will not admit their fault ,but will look and they will seek out any reason to deflect their guilt even if they must lie. Yet, they can be ever oh so sweet, Yes a woman is the greatest and most clever of social engineers. And I love all seven of my sisters and my sweet wife…………


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