Whom do you serve?

I am no child. I grew up so long ago, now I look back and yes I see, for I remember way back then, when we had true liberty.  I’ve heard so many talk with pride of taking back the nation, they claim their setting wrongs to right, in their new social fight. Yet with each of these new victories I lose a bit of what I once had, they take away another choice, bit by bit and piece by piece.

In my youth they took the ten away; our moral code these once foundational corner stones  and they became outlawed, they did then as they do now calling them the Ten stifling, oppressive and down right evil.  So they justified their work with a simple twist of words,separation of church from state, it thusly sealed our fate for people had forgotten in their quest for things, what and who they were. From where their right their freedoms came.  It’s so much easier to look and listen to a thirty-second ad campaign . Really who then cares they banned the book from school.

In bits and pieces, they do their work, taking more and more. The Christian waits to see the beast, the beast it is before him, it stand  right there in front of them. They look for a false prophet, signs and works and wonders for an Anti-Christ, never seeing, for they are told to look, be wary, but never do they see those who are truly anti to the Christ.

I am he states what he wants, he waits for our response. I AM the  lord your God. Have no other gods before  do not make nor bow down take not my name in vain ; for I am a jealous God.

So who is it that you chose, who is it that you serve? As for me, I will serve the one true G-d maker of all we see and do not see.

I will not serve Obama, nor will ever bow down, nor can I accept his image as thing to worship nor will praise him. I will as I have always done serve the Lord my G-d, the great I am who formed me, lifted me from the dust.  For he formed me in his image and breathed into me the breath of life so I became a living soul.

So I must say, I must serve the Lord G-D most high. for he is in me, he surrounds me, I am is who I see and hear,some have  said I am an Idiot, ignorant of the facts however this I know without seeing G-d he does exist and Jesus is the Christ and sits at his right hand, I know this thing is true even without seeing for faith and hope and love of truth are all that one needs.


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