whose on first, who is second, why I do not know

Isn’t it just like a liberal, the elite of the left and those who say always yes ,to their rhetoric.  To these people it is justifiable to spew insults like trash at the children of the right; for they feel these children and their parents are ignorant, yes, they are beneath the liberating liberals contempt ,for its only Liberals and their children who matter, only liberals and their  children  who have brains or feelings.. It’s because liberals are so smart and so may have letters behind their names, that they think like this, it’s why so many others look on them in awe and feel that they are truly gods. Yes, they feel and they agree that letters and titles make one wise and all-knowing.

So I wonder what the BS really stands for or even the PhD really means ;well perhaps its Bull shucks or Pig Headed Dummy. Then we must conceder what MD might mean for a liberal perhaps it means Master Dimwit perhaps? Or Mentally Deficient or deprived. These liberals seem to be the epitome of the biblical saying  for they take pleasure in pointing out everyone’s faults, deciding on ways to fix everyone and everything ,then they do all they can to force their ideas on everyone “do not worry about the stick in the other mans eye, worry about the log in yours.” But slingers of bull those pig head fools and dimwits can not see beyond their own noses except when it comes to people who hold to views of morality, right and wrong, the right to life, smaller government and yes , even the right for stupid to exist. However these are people they see and hate….


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