Ten Two and One

On a day not long ago
A trial for one was held
A verdict prounced
Punishment let out
For this criminal
The one reviled
he was pierced
he was bruised
stripped, naked, exposed
beatin was the criminal
Forced to walk
he walked a mile
No it was two
Laid bare he was
They hung him high
 a warning display
On a cross on display
the power, of the state
all his followers
had run away
a sign above told of his crime
A centurion standing guard
heard him whisper his last words
forgive them father
not a curse?
they know not
…nor did he blame
what they do
his one cry
spoken asked forgiveness
then came death
In that instant darkness fell
All creation moaned
at the cross only one man stood
a gentile who uttered these few words
Surely this was the son of G-d
these events had been for…

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