Proud to be a what?

If women can not respect themselves ,how can they demand men do so.

I keep seeing these little posts saying Proud to be a Bitch, Proud to be a Slut and sadly proud to be a whore.

I am concerned.

Now please do not miss understand me, I know that many consider me ignorant, for I carry no letters behind my name, sadly I am not a noted writer, but the family fool the clown.


Three letters which cause the rage:

A Bitch is defined as:

1. A female dog,

2. A malicious selfish person usually a woman,

3. Lewd or unpleasant woman

A Slut is defined as:

1. A dirty or slovenly woman

2. A prostitute

A Whore is defined as a:

1.      a women who is paid for sex

2.      one who is corrupt


Now I may have been born a bastard out of wedlock so many may say my mother is a bitch, but this would not be true. I have been blessed with many sisters and not one of them is nor would I ever say is any of the above; no matter how angry I maybe. Perhaps it is because I am ignorant that those wiser must decide. None of the women that I know fit the definitions listed up above. So any woman proud to be or who would think of herself as has a lot of growing up to do. But I am ignorant and a fool so what does my opinion mean.

I will say this I proud to know the women that I do and here is what I think of them:

Proud to be a woman:

Womanhood is s sisterhood, of motherhood, its a blessing it is for those privileged, honorable so noble.

A true Woman is refined a higher greater creature. One who teaches leads is blessed with grace displays truth and lives a life of faith.





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