Once more for change


There is none as blind or as deaf as a fool:


Who struck again a blow at woman?


Who defended woman?


Did the fearless leadership denounce the strike?


Or did they show in fact their way of change is all that matters?


To the liberal a woman, a mother, a wife, a woman who has chosen to raise her children is nothing, for liberals have been at war with womanhood and with motherhood for more than forty years.


To a liberal it is better for woman to work and pay the state to care and raise the children for the state can do it better than they could ever or are capable of. Hitler and his Nazi party felt the same when they encouraged young girls to have children for the state, now think about planned motherhood? OOP’s planned parenthood….. All of this re-minds me of another kind of life style one that fell apart Stalin’s Communism, Mao’s Red China, and Castro’s Cuba which is in disarray. Yes the liberals want to finish their CHANGE, now with so many in loves with salt and pepper they may well do so.






Does a liberal realize how much a mother does? No do they care no. To de-value a mother is one of the biggest insults they can level, but who defended and who has always defended womanhood and motherhood? Those dam dirty evil conservative Republicans…..







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