ones on the way?

Growing up I never knew that I had a dysfunctional family that came many years later after I was married for the second time and only after listening to my siblings complain endlessly how their lives were the product of what the parents had done to them. Yet I remember events slightly differently with a wee bit more of a twist than they do. It seems I recall we all made choices voiced our opinions to our parents and in some cases defied them openly.  So in my view this new term being used to describe what I always thought of as simply family now became my functionally dysfunctional family which compared to so many others was normal. For what is normal? A question not even mister owl could or would be able to answer but one I can take a jab at for normal is what is best for you what makes you comfortable and where you find you can function in our little world.

So now I’ll share one of the dysfunctional moments from my childhood;

I remember my sweet mother and my auntie puffing away on their cigarette( oh wow a dysfunction right,well no smoking was once acceptable and encouraged)  while they sat  talking one afternoon. On the radio was the country music station of the day KJR radio Seattle channel 95, oh yes, that still rings in my memory to this day KJR Seattle Channel ninety-five. On this one  afternoon they were listening to Miss Loretta Lynn sing “Ones on the way” now Auntie started laughing Mom she got red-faced and Auntie jumps up and says why’d you kick me Mary Ellen? Cause it was all your fault!!! … what asks my Auntie,the ones or the twins part she shot back. silence then ensued then the cackle of laughter reigned unrestrained. For one was on the way and I came to thank God it wasn’t twins again…But it was a saucy little red-head.


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