The Narrow path

I took a walk one fine day in the coolness of the afternoon
As I approached familure hills was there I met a man
 Dressed he was in blazing white, eyes that burned as fire
His voice like thunder boomed his words did echoed every where
Come now follow come with me
Come now hurry come and see
 I followed slowly not far behind to a place some how strange
A place I had not seen nor had I known before
a division in the road the old familiar path was gone
A place where one could see many others were now heading
I could look ahead and looking now  could see a wide and easy path,that turned off to the left,
while just ahead on the right an old and narrow way
on which the dust had gathered oh so thick
The few steps other had once taken covered now in dust
 it seemed to move of its own accord it went around then up quickly out of sight
rough and narrow at the start was the narrow path
Come now come now look and see
wondering still curious I asked where does it go?
he looked at me and simply said son your time has come to choose
Many are called to come ,to see, to take the journey to accept the offer,
 few if any find the way 
 ever so very few now look, preferring the wide highway, never hearing never seeing, chasing empty wind-swept clouds; they promise rain,yet bring on nothing,but a drought and death.
I chose to follow to a small path to seek the promise of the unseen
I found a note that simply read remember Abraham he allowed his nephew Lot his choice

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