A River Flows through us

Can we stop and talk?

Before you get angry? Before you start your rage about the Tea Party?  Please before you refer to me as ignorant? Now I have taken time to look.  I have taken time to compare.

Now can you tell me, who they are: who they really are?  Do you understand the new age Politburo, this new wave of Democrat elites, liberals or progressives? From whom did all they rise, from whom did they get from where do they receive their ideals and ideas, so with whom do they sleep?

Well now, can you guess?

So to help out here is a description of each of the three.

I have chosen the three stooges as my personalities to picture the three:

First I give you Moe a staunch Democrat –he is a defender of all things democratic seeking social equality at any cost.

 Next we present Larry, He is liberal, and so he is favorable to reform in all aspects of the political and religious arena. Larry will do what ever it takes to get his ideas implemented, no matter what the cost.

Now we come to Curly Joe, now old Joe he is progressive, firmly entrenched with the two, but Joe he believes in the greatest of social change, he advocates the replacing rather than the maintaining of our present political system. Joe demands that government takes control and controls all aspects of ones personal life for he and his government can decided what is best for all men.


So now Can I ask you if you agree with the core group? Are you a member a defender of what it represents?

 It is said to be a founding or charter member of the progressive party wing an advocate and supporter of the Liberal cause and the Democratic Party advocates almost every point or plank ,so do you support the one who funds supports and defends them all at all costs.


So if you agree with the following?

A better and peaceful world is possible a world where people and nature come before profits.

If so would it surprise you to learn:        That’s Socialism? That’s their vision. That is the communist Party USA.

 They further go on to state that:  Socialism will meet the needs of the great majority of our people and lay the basis for solving our social, economic and environmental problems


No more private property, no free travel with out proper documents and even then you must have their permission. One must remember this form of Government is oppressive is and always will the venue of tyrants. However many seek this change many seek to praise and glorify a way of life that will destroy them in the end.


 Communalism: a strong allegiance to ones own ethic group rather than society as a whole.

Communism: A system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by the state.


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