Appease to Please

You do not ask

You tell us

You say that we

You demand that we appease

So Please!

 Yes, please!  I ask of you

What is it that you mean?


You do not politely ask

But openly demand

 We give in

Give to them the land

For this you say

They (the world) agree

Yes in principal,

They will be appeased.


So my friend

We ask of you

Whom then does it please?

When we practice this, appease

Who in principal is then pleased?

What is it that is appeased?

 Are you pleased?


Those who yell are those who kill

They blame us for our deaths

Then they ask us; please; just give us what we ask

Then they say that yes, this will them appease

They speak of promises; to soon broken


They say appease us now

 Then we will step aside

To live in peace?


This is then the problem

How much do we give?

How many broken promises

How many, more white lies

For each and every time we give

They find out they need more

They do not call it war

Nor does the world accept the fact it is a real terror

Again, they bomb a bus, an ice cream parlor, a shopping mall

The world news then blames the Jews Yes; they blame it all on us


The media attention

Has lead to many protests

Which call for a thing called peace?  

What type of peace or is it pieces

Do they of the world want?


The world has beat the drum you see

Leading too an appealing little doors

PLO Al-Qaeda and Hamas

Beyond these door is peace they claim

Yes, is it peace they want or is it a piece that they all seek

Which form now is it?

How big the pieces; we’re yet to see

 How many pieces will they and the world take?

So again, ask yourself

Appease them now appease them how


The world cries

O please, appease them for it is just some land

But what or how and why

What more too those who murder can one give

The more we give the more they want

Demands go ever higher

They keep taking life away,

Demanding ever more

Our children’s life they have taken away

The inheritances is fading fast


While we seek to live

While we seek to forgive

While we seek to please

While we seek to live in peace

While we seek to appease


They keep murdering

From the lands we’ve given to appease

Rockets fall, terror calls

And yet

The world finds these men so pleasing

How can they justify their reasoning?

The call the yell of

Appease them


Appease them how?


From the Prophets a simple quote:

Evil rules when the vilest of men are exalted.

When righteous men seek to please all, evil then rules all.



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