what I saw one night

Ten Two and One

(A story)


Awake Awake sleepers rise

Darkness terror son to come

Dreadful tearful man in rage

They now stand in awe

As destruction does draw near

Cower now see their fear

For even now they do not hear

Screams of terror

As death draws near

The smell the retched

Foul stench

Oh darkness of the vision

Of deaths last mission


I see the terror

See the blight

Hear Mans cry out in defiance

As Darkness thick does fall

Man does plead does shake his fist

Now again his hate, his rage

His seething desire for revenge

His cold stone passion

His white wash tombs

Love consumed

 truth be told man is doomed

The sun turns black

Man he sees but does not

As night descends

His soul decays

From hate within

Oh mans sin


Sky so empty so black so bleak 

Stones flaming fall like rain

thunder cracks

Fields blaze, waters red


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