A simple though…

A simple thought for all to ponder:

What about the time of slavery and we today being thus enslaved:

Righteous men from many walks of life stood up gave their lives and all they had, those men whose names we know not are lost to modern anger its new hates and rages; slavery brought up by the few who seek their fortune on the backs of the people.

For any wise and prudent person can see the change in this nation, we are not what we once were ,but so many want to turn us  back. So they can profit for they want the power the anger brings, old men of old times  so now I ask for the righteous man and woman to can out, for When righteous men step aside do not stand-up do not defend then evil rules and fear takes hold.
I see a sea of many faces, many colors,but not so many races, I see one group we call man, made  of many varied glorious colors, shapes and sizes. what causes all the trouble then;the envy, the greed and jealousy;well fostered by a few those who seek the separation for they look back and not ahead they look for seek out only the bad, rejecting good. These are the men and women who love to hate the fools.

For a wise man can look and see the truth, change it came and they did not notice they did not help the more they tried to hinder it with arguments of black and white of hate, the people those the wise went on with their lives and this is what has angered those who seek to keep the groups separated and divided .


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