Chocolate Cake

I offer this too those who say one must justify ones thinking.

For myself I have openly said I place my entire trust all my faith in the entire word of God.

My little story tells a tale as it happened way, way back in nineteen sixty-three or four. I wrote about it first over twenty-five odd years ago, in one rendering in was chocolate chip cookies another fudge brownies in another chocolate cake. But the entire theme was the same. Because of computer crashes bugs and other things many changes have been made but I assure you the story is the same.

Now it is a true story, it shows the way we once thought and taught

For reference Back in the sixties they had a rating schedule called GMRX. (Jim Rex)


So for your enjoyment I will once again present my new modern urban fairy tale of what we once were before we became so modernly progressive?


 My cousin wanted to see a movie with her friends, she was turning thirteen, so she went to her father; (side bar children once sought out and asked permission) and she gave her speech about the movie she want to see, she told him how this new movie was only rated M, and she felt she was now mature enough to see and hear the little bit of adult stuff that it did contain, beside its was just a little word only a wee tiny bit, one or two words perhaps so see it’s not much, just one word maybe two, just one scene she explains again and again, you see it was only a few words and that one scene, where they were swimming that was all. Besides everyone just everyone else was going this Saturday.

 Looking intent like a judge he was, he then asks her, do you really think these two things were nothing really at all…

 He then further says quietly, well I see, so tell me how you know so much about the rating and the language?

Smiling She tells him well, my two very best friends have seen it twice.

So my Uncle says, he would give her an answer by Saturday; so she had to wait a day or two, but she hoped she felt he had seen the light.

 When Saturday arrived she was ripe and ready with anticipation waiting to hear his answer, All morning long she waited, now just afternoon when her friends were soon to come, yes, today he would relent and say yes, then on to the movie and fun. 

Around one in the afternoon he called her and all the others into the dinning room asks them to sit , he then disappears into the kitchen and returns with a beautifully decorated Chocolate cake.

 Once everyone was settled in he began to speak.  As he was talking my aunt came in with the plates and milk, she began to cut and prepared to serve; now my uncle said Please feel free to smell the cake, but do not eat it yet, for this is a very special cake children. Your mother and I took very special care in the choosing of the ingredients in this cake, we measured each one twice, so to be exact, that was no small tiny feat, we even added a very, very special ingredient, a surprise for all. Now the special secret surprise is not so big, but just a bit a tiny wee little part not much.  What is it you may ask? Well now this special, very minor ingredient does not change the taste, does not change the texture or the delightful smell,  it really brings no harm to the cake, but well you’ll need to choose if you want to eat this cake after you hear what that special surprise inside this cake is.

Now At this point they all wanted to know what it was, where it came from, how he could put it in the cake if it they would not like it and would have to choose if they wanted to eat this wonderful beautiful cake. 

So once again he told them it’s not much, it’s a tiny, tiny bit, we chose it with great care, fluffy here helped to provide it and as I said it’s just a wee, wee little bit. Why you won’t even taste it and would not know it was in the cake had I not told you?



He went on, now saying just because everyone else is going to this movie; and everyone says it is a good movie, what can it hurt?

Well now your movie is like my cake, you want to go see a movie, besides it has only a few foul words and only one scene that are questionable and say it’s not much it can do no harm. Besides it’s only a wee little part.

Well then so is the surprise inside the chocolate cake for they both are just the same. So now please eat enjoy your cake and milk, and then be off to the movies.  But remember it’s just a tiny, tiny bit, now what can it really hurt? Enjoy the cake ….


I can say this none of them ate the cake and none of them went to the movie. I remembered that day later when I went to the movies and was faced with choosing, for there in the box office window was the sign of M now I was the same age and it was said to be a great movie, with only one little bit only one little scene, but I went home.

To this day I have a quote I keep it applies to ones computer and ones brain Garbage in garbage out. We are the sum total of what we read watch and hear.


I saw that movie some years later and it was not any good that scene should have been cut the words made no sense. Over all what was praised as great a mile stone was a mill stone …



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