Prophets doom and gloom


Weeks, days, months and years then there’s times and times and half a time so there is a coming and a going, then a coming once an again. Man has built his doctrines all his many justifications on what he has inferred or discerned in his translations of the words. Traditions are wonderful thing this I do not deny they tie us to our past help us to remember the struggle, but if you accept the ways of Christ the spirit indwells and guides your life. So you and I are not tied to the past or the old struggles.


Now all these men and women have labored hard and done so very much so much good it is difficult to say they may well be wrong or perhaps my simple thoughts may be off the mark. Only time will tell remember these are just my simple thoughts from what I’ve read and seen.


To quote:” He will make a treaty with them for seven years, which shall be broken at the mid point.” I would place a big check mark in the box for this one and many of the others which are to follow.




 Now if this one has gone by unnoticed which others have also?




Ezekiel, Isaiah and all the Prophets spoke of the gathering of the scattered. Well once again it has been it is happening at this very moment, however so many are looking for some big earth shattering event they miss the event entirely. So I will give this little thought a reed was set and a mark was to be given to those who were his sheep, so the count started first at the temple  then went outward, once that was complete then destruction comes. Now when does that counting begin or end? We know it started we can not know when it will end.


Green and lean is the catch word of our new age day. However if anyone can read Revelations there will come a time a day when the sun will dim the moon will fade as will most of the stars. Some look to the Mayans calendar which they say ends on December 12, 2012, while other wait on the mystics and still others wait on huge rocks falling from the skies. All of this was predicted foretold by again the Prophets of the lord.




The falling stars could be many things for they make the waters bitter, Wormwood bitter waters is the term used in the books. Speculation has it they may be Atomic bombs Bio-weapon of some sort or both. Well I must agree and say well yes it could be. We have seen Chernobyl the disaster in Japan here we have two major atomic incidents one on land effecting fresh water the other on the ocean effecting the sea.  Could these be the dreaded falling stars which were foretold?




In those days Israel shall be surrounded on every side, they shall seek to destroy her yet she will prevail.


Now as we look back we can see that in nineteen forty seven they Israel won against a much more superior force then again in sixty seven in only six days they destroyed and defeated another much more superior force. Was this foretold some say it was, I for one do agree and there is much more to come. For all of this is just prangs of birth the build up to the end.


Today Israel is surrounded by adversaries her crime that which uttered by all is simply this: “Israel exists.”







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