My Sheep

Animal husbandry

Animal husbandry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My sheep, my sheep, are scattered far

There is no one to speak

Not one is found

Not one is righteous

No not one


Many come to take from them

They leave them with false hope

They promise to reveal secrets

They speak of worldly wealth

They talk of riddles

They speak of profit boast of margins

They shout they babble

They prance about

They speak of things counter to God

Not found with-in my word

The wolves have come

The rams do push

Seeking now for power

Desiring praise from those they lead astray


Many say they know the day of my return

Others claim that they will leave

Be taken up before all things shall come to pass,

With pride in self they stand aloof

Speaking of their superiority

While behind closed doors in secret places

They do such heinous acts

Never reading lacking understanding of what my word does say.

They wait they seek

Asking always for a sign

They desire to know the day

Looking for the season listening too false prophets

While I shout for them to see

They miss what they refuse to see

Hearing yet not understanding

If only they would stop and really place their faith in me

But sadly they do choose to follow the lies and vanities of man



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