This change is not Men O pause, but should give all men pause


Socialism (Photo credit: z0xx.)

A change has come to our great land, a mighty land known far and wide. Progressives yes they exist, they are those who walk hand in hand with their liberating liberal counter parts pushing Change in all forms.  These many forms of liberalism are well known some parts accepted and parts respected  for they are assumed to be the lessor of the evils of the dreaded Socialism. Yes, all were allowed to flourish to grow and prosper under the founders dream of equality and it’s freedom. All forms of choice were allowed, for our courts did rule so they were the rule not the exception in this once great and prosperous land. All were justified and given permission to be ; for man must make a choice, all points of view were held in high regard. Until the darkness came now those who claimed to have a thing called faith which was once a corner-stone of freedoms right. Now that night is falling this right this ideal now is fading, for the laws on which the founder built were taken out and burned to the gods of science and progressive man to be replaced by the ugliness of the tyrants pride.

Now change is moving going forward Oh so fast already the rules they have changed. The rule of order it has changed the country now is ruled by decree; the courts they promote the desire of the tyrant and do not protect the wishes of the people thus our elected officials in the Senate are impotent, even worse the people do not see nor hear.But some cheer for they feel free means free not knowing its a trap for it will enslave and take away that which so many have fought to keep. Yes silence reigns now in the coming twilight of the night.

Change now means  that lies are justified that half-truths are the best way to make a point. We see and hear this on the national news broadcasts as they spoon feed us what they feel we need to hear. They leave off bits of sound bites to make it say what they choose so we will follow like blind sheep the leadership they support. Now they wish to move on forward picking up the communists new order. Yes, night is coming oh so fast and no one seems to care.

When you  speak of left and right ; in the left you find anger hate and rage hold rule  that Lies and innuendo are what the simple minds believe is their golden rule.

So then the right has not a chance for it is a fact that man will believe the lie for that is what he does..


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