A random thought

Again I wonder Why?

I keep reading in holly wood tabs about this or that fine star, the woman is married to this woman  this man to this other man. Then I ask myself What the,whats the message that these children are really hearing. Or of this one and his or her love child. When did once bad behavior become the accepted and blessed norm?  Well now on my blue hued screen with its 300 stations, on my desk top lap top with its access to an intricate world-wide web ( now filling up with ads soon I expect to see Sham-wow) yes, I see and many are the shows which are on my TV; shows which now promote these new life styles. Yes Charlie they have been on for years its just that now there are so many more in the main stream than before. So holy wood likes showing traditional family’s in a very poor light, mothers talking of affairs, telling their daughters its alright to step out,fathers seeking comfort from other women, and the men are seen as fools the women play the parts of harried super vixen, sluts or hostile vile witch. Yes, evil is glorified as good; the gay life styles is called good and Christian morals and their life style is called old out of date and bad. But wait what is a life style? One should ask before one condemns. What is traditional ?

Well my bottom line: LOL as the texting world would say:  if all these holly wood stars are married, why is there public debate? If Senator Frank is married what does that say? And if your local clergy is in a committed relationship what does that say? Seems the war that is being fought was lost a long, long time ago and not in some far of galaxy but right here in plain sight on that blue hued tub or now infamous flat screen.And the Christian never took any notice or perhaps was never notified of the surrender in the court of public everyone is doing it opinion. For they who claim to be offended still bless the stars that do and they still view and by the products they endorse, so what is the real reason there is a fight?

If all these people are married and the laws says what? Why are people in court trying to define what people already have chosen. Are we arguing over whether the local church will bless the union? Once again I repeat haven’t you seen or heard many have done just that.

I guess in a very real sense the falling away has begun and the true followers must begin to run. I shake my head when I see these people I once respected come out and say I’m gay. But that is life and its their choice, mine is simple too; I turn away and put them out no longer do I watch them or listen to them. Just as the word says have no part of what they do.

Now for those who do not understand listen well , if you wish to be gay then do the best that you can but please do not get in my face and tell me I must accept and bless you. I do not have to that is my choice, I will not stop you in your choice why will you not accept mine. I will live and let live and I will tolerate yet its you who attack and berate and call for anger hate all in a rage over the fact I say what you do is wrong. You say what I do is wrong that is called freedom that is called choice now what a grand concept it is. But a Hindu will not eat a sacred cow and others will not eat meat nor have anything to do with certain lessor persons this you say is justified by CHOICE. why can you not then accept my choice?  For I fear God and Honor him and his word. These may be nothing to you but for me they are everything. Yet I get no respect my faith you reject and ridicule while you promote others far above. This I call hate.


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