I am always I am a…

the following is a set of disjointed thoughts which I seem to have a great need to express to shout out

From my hill I call out not my word but those of Paul the Prophets and the truth the kingdom it has come the harvest it is now the gathering is taking place yet few if any hear, hear and understand the King he made a feast and he sent his messengers out to gather those invited, yet the messengers returned with the sad report that all the invited were far to busy they were arguing and fighting among themselves about times and seasons breaking bread and blessings. So the king he said go and gather in the poor the broken bring to me all of those whom none would welcome. soon the doors will close but will you or I be left out side? that is the question we must consider.

I am always amazed that we the people claim God, yet reject his law, yes we the people who call ourselves Christian always seek compromise for we feel that is what Christ Jesus would do.

How little than do we know, how far from him we truly are for he said he came to divide to set father against son, daughter against mother to separate sheep from goats, in simple speak he came for his own , he did not nor does he want compromise with the world. He wants he is saying to you or I we must choose, it is his way or the worlds way. Joshua said it very well Today set before us is two ways , one leads to life one leads to death; so as for me and my house we serve the lord.

To accept a law based on lies, then cry for justice. In a land where justice is denied to even the least  is to seek a miracle from your gods.

Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness was once a guarantee to all Americans.

The founders made no distinction between those being carried by their mothers nor today does a prosecutor when bring charges  when a woman is murdered; he or she does not make a distinction. But  by saying we are charging Mister Slow-mo Jones with murder, they then do not add and of course the destruction of her zygote. No he or she says we are charging Slow-moe Jones with two distinct murders for once upon a time the law did recognize did extend to the child being carried by its mother.

So no matter the spin for the follower of the Christ; the destruction of that unborn child is murder.  And Christ and all of Heaven mourn. It is sad that man has so hardened his heart that he can not love, can not feel empathy even for one of these children of humanity which are forever lost.

Liberal ease has caused their hearts to freeze into a cold, cold stone, compromise has ostracized the souls of the many from him who they claim to serve.  So that only the burning fire of Christ can melt the indifference trapped with-in their calloused souls..

We hear from the compassionate left that what was once a child is now a lump of pulsating flesh a zygote? So let me recount biology 101 from my time: egg sperm unite to form a child, this pre Roe v Wade. Biology 101 refined and redefined to ease the mind the gamete come together to form a Zygote but the zygote is nothing until it under goes CLEAVAGE. Reminds me so much of the dreaded used car sales man of old and him touting the car saying it was only driven twice on Sunday by this little old lady from Newark. I would be wary of this compassion for they are so passionate and intolerant while shouting tolerance and toleration throughout the nation.

So the re-cap:

For myself being ignorant as I am  from the moment of conception when these two separate pieces of bio-mass come together the end result is a human being , once sperm and one ovum united.this full fills the word in a very spacial way: for the two shall become one flesh.

what will they become? A human being!  Lets look at it again they shall become one flesh. Why is this so difficult for man for woman to grasp?

My answer: please forgive me But perhaps I’ll come back later to add here but here now I say:

It’s no longer an oddity to me since I can read and I do pray for the Prophets prophesied of this time though the liberators will cry nay.

It’s not odd that we as a people bless murder as an act of choice, yes one chooses it for self gain.. So the men far re-moved from God do what was prophesied of them. Innocent blood deep does run with-in the streets of this rebellious people, a people who were foretold, who are neither hot nor cold . A people without pity…..for they live in white washed tombs filled with dust and rust thinking it is fine gold.


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