I have asked

My main comment will follow this little rant, please excuse me.


I am long in space between my posts, ever redundant in much of what I say. You see my family conceder’s letters quite important, degrees mean everything. However I must confess I hold no standing in any academic circles or among the literary elite. My father who I only recently met (I was 49) has pointed out that I have not the right to question a PhD, who he points out is superior to me. So please excuse, my excess use of the term (which the Ph.D.) used when I refer at times to myself. Now insults I bear most time with pride and even joy,( you being second-hand and not knowing who you are hurts the adopted child) but I must admit that ignorant is the one that frazzled me a bit..


If ignorance which is called bliss is the way for humanity to be ( according to elite Progressive liberals who now seek to move us FORWARD); if not knowing and just accepting without question is the defining terminology then I am not as ignorant as those who say I am.

For the truly ignorant follow blindly, never question and strike out in anger when they are confronted for its all they know to do when their safety zone is breached.

I have noted its facts are dammed and personal insults rule when the ignorant that were once called fools are confronted with the truth.

Now have you ever wondered or asked the question what one should do when it comes to fools (ignorant); well do not contend with them, is what my bible tells me to do; lest you become as much a fool as they. Many are the politicians who could take this advice to heart and state simply for the record:” no comment at this moment or I’ll get back to you on that.” Perhaps its then they’d no longer be the tools of fools while making them selves look like one.

Contending with the ignorant those who feel they are so bright is like rain on stone one day erosion will clear the way.

I am then ever grateful to the many who supply the oft time missed over looked rare jewels of others that I am privileged now to read.

So I thank you all and wish to say My God Bless in the years to come.

Yours Truly


And yes, it is my real name

As a child I thought as a child seeing many wondrous things and presented with the glory of Gods ideal, as an adult I look upon those things of wonder and ponder what I lost along the way. What have I gained if bitterness replaces joy, what be the cost of lust for all. The truth of love is now tarnished by the sensual desires of lusts quickly burning dying fire. The loss to all is so great and why man uses God word to justify his lies.

So I have asked and sought the answer to these questions. Perhaps not totally questions but asks that I have as to why. For some I have the answers but again the will not mesh with proper doctrine, well they will with Paul. (The inspiring words of Paul the Apostle to the Gentile the conveyor of the truthful word of God)

I have asked these questions many times over all these many years and have received many angry responses for none can offer the true answer or perhaps because I keep on asking it.

Since my view do differs ever so very slightly from most the many churches and their doctrines with their teachings of the refined and hailed heralds of the new age faithful of the all inclusiveness. I stop, I wonder:

  1. Why is it today we are in courts fighting over marriage?

For we know already God said “one man one woman make the union” thus they pro-create.

Paul explains what’s going on today and what it is that we should do. But it is odd the churches do not preach it.

2. Why are we eliminating the foundational code our founders used to build this nation and its laws on?

Here is an idea that seems to cause many to become enraged and some to show their hate, but it’s our heritage and culture, it our heritage and culture wow what a concept but it seems we are expected to respect all others and not our own, for ours is now called evil and so vile. Self hate and loathing is a dangerous thing when it becomes the norm.

3. In a country in which the majority describes them selves as Christian, however that religion is now the most detested and reviled.

Nevertheless it is from the men and women of that faith that all our freedoms rise. It is from the fact they were persecuted that they insured no religion could be declared the national faith; it is also from that persecution that they insured that the faithful could influence those who they elected to office to insure their honesty and obedience to the law. As Mr. Jefferson stated in his Danbury letter a wall exists a permeable wall allowing the free flowing of ideas in one way from the electorate to the elected to insure freedom and fairness for all people.

4. I once found it strange that so many would say we believe in Jesus as the Christ and then do not do what he says.

As I grew from child to man; I came to understand; that yes they do believe that Jesus might be the Christ, but likewise so did Satin. And at the name of Jesus Satin did tremble but modern enlightened man does not, far too many view the Christ as a joke of history so they give him no respect; take not my name in vane was asked.

So I still wonder but I seek to do it as a child, lest I forget I am a child of the most high God. So it does not matter what I think, how I feel, I have so very much to learn and it’s wonderful for I can see now the many wondrous things now every where again. ( it’s called Perspective perhaps choice)


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