The rain

English: 14 kiloton atomic explosion, from a 1...

English: 14 kiloton atomic explosion, from a 1951 US nuclear test at the Nevada Test Site. (Operation Buster-Jangle, Charlie) Original caption: XX-27 charlie a 14 kiloton device was dropped from a B-50 bomber on October 30, 1951 at Yucca Flat. The test, part of the Buster-Jangle series, was the eighth detonation at the Nevada Proving Grounds. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Wandering in the coolness of the night I now search for only, for a place to hide. Careful not to call out for the rain makers are about. The rain it came it still falls they seek to purge the land.

Late in October no November turkey was so good; I miss the candy and the warmth of my home. My bed

I wander now in the night careful not to make a sound. Ever to the north and west I move hoping for safe ground.

The rain it burned for days then came the pain and hunger as it came to many oh so many then did die more went totally insane. No one knew what to do many prayed more though did cry. The crazies now haunt the daylight searching for those they blame for the fire and the rain. Hail black as tar does fall one hundred pounds and more a left over of the night of fire. Oh you have never seen a sight like black tar with its rancid smell of sulfur falling down upon your head.


I wake again in the dream all in sight is black, oh I hear again the horrid screams. Once again the tat clack tat the strange metallic voice now calling first a voice not understood thick and mumbled then a click. Oh the pain is searing in my brain, the shame fear dread then all is blackness so cool and silent.

How long I lay in the ruble I do not know for days I think but when I woke beside me was my dog. She was licking at the burns the wound running down my leg. I could see my closet or what was left my dresser a fractured charred mess thank God for the rain or I would have been dead.

They told us on the news in all of the alerts, do not to worry stay in your homes; everything is fine. Then those smiles oh so blank and bland would echo one another, they had it under control. But on the net we saw a story right out of a sci-fi thriller Tanks and armored personal carriers streaming across our boarders. The most shocking part was to see men and women in our military uniforms turn their weapons on their own, our men were giving aid to the invasion force. Then we heard the rumble saw a flash it filled the screen the photographer turned the camera and we saw the mushroom cloud. We heard the screaming they took out Houston then another flash, Dallas was gone like that. In shock we watched as reports went on of our military giving up or turning on the people. Then we heard the report that Washington New York and Boston now were gone. Un-like the movies they spared LA but San Fran they took out Vegas stands  but it’s not what it use to be.

They came at us from with-in from the southland they did swarm those with-in the cities did not last a day. We hid in the ruins we moved away from where they were, still they come ever closer.

The mountains beckon us we move toward them when we can. Today we found a massacre of headless men and women, the heads mounted upon pikes the children they were dashed and chopped into tiny pieces. Yes jihad is a hard game they seem so to enjoy. 

Every now and then we hear a report of some small group making its last stand.


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