One day

English: Rows of bodies fill the yard of Lager...

English: Rows of bodies fill the yard of Lager Nordhausen, a Gestapo concentration camp. עברית: שורות של גופות מאות אסירים בחצר מחצה הריכוז נורדהאוזן. בתמונה נראות פחות ממחצית הגופות של האסירים שמתו ברעב או ביריות אנשי הגסטפו. Italiano: File di cadaveri di prigionieri riempiono il cortile del lager di Nordhausen, un campo di concentramento dalla Gestapo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Long ago before the order


We watched the movies of the Nazi terror when I was a child. How the Gestapo searched out Jews and others who stood against them. My dad would say some day that may happen here for man forgets he does not learn. His vanity and pride are the fuel for he feels he is better far more superior to those who came before. Then one day a monster comes, some one who seeks power and he uses all the tools at his disposal to get the thing he desires. Calling out I believe in peace and the rights of men to choose. However friend behind closed doors he does make planes for war.

All of this I heard as a child over and over again and again. This insane man as my teachers called him. He always pointed to the different ways of religions around the world and how they were wrong when compared against the holy bible. He told of the day the book he loved was banned from public schools and all reference to Christ and faith in him became a crime. Oh I can see why our government did such a good thing, He told how we came to study Islam and how it was now called good while Christ and his ways were now so evil. Yes, we learn Islam because it’s a tolerant faith; jihad is a holy act one must do to gain a place in heaven.

My father does not see how can he; he is filled with hate.  He can not love as we do so we must purify the world of these people who say they forgive and deny the most holy prophet to up lift the one they call gods son. For everyone knows that god he has no son. So I turned him in and my mother to they will be educated or else that is the way accept or. My father called it being Borged. Saying he would never accept or be assimilated.

But that is what many others have also said and we changed their minds. 


Behind closed doors the plans were made

 The people followed became slaves

  For they were promised their hearts desire

   Never did they realize that all they heard was lies

So we search for them, we seek them out.

 We must purge them from our land.

Now they say those who accept are Borged

They have been assimilated


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