Just an odd set of thoughts

Blindfolded Forward

Blindfolded Forward (Photo credit: BlueRobot)

With the Change now with movement Forward and the statement: You didn’t do it someone else did it for you. Such as the Government.

A self grandiose Community activist tells us that the government can solve all of our problems; to further confuse this same activist has in the past blamed the government for all the problems he and his supporters claim it can fix. My Pappy called this having the cake and eating it to.

Yet it is the government and its regulations which have fueled the rise in what we buy with each new law with each new layer of regulators the cost to the consumer goes up. We see our taxes rise with these new rules for government must expand it must hire more regulators to enforce their new laws so we that people are then safe secure and protected by that new government.

So we now have a new tax on every person in the nation one which f not paid will be enforced by fine and jail time, what a deal for something that was said to be free for all. Sad thing is it was free and all were covered it was and is the illegal who are not and now we shall be required to do more and they will get more. Odd is it not?

So when the progressive with the liberal the democratic hears the words De-regulation they become for want of better terms mad as hell. For it means their precious large government must roll back, it must cut; it must hire fewer it must make fewer government jobs and so lower taxes.

The only good government is a small government. However people demanded change they want forward movement.  So why are they willing to accept a system of government which has failed in Russia Greece Poland and so many others.

We were once told ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country, Does this now mean we must give over all we have to a central controller as the party says one that will then give to us what they feel we need and deserve. For the power that is says we the people are too ignorant to make the proper choices in our lives that we need people like Harry and Nancy to tell us what to do. We need Al and his twisted half-truths so we will follow blindly men and women into a plan that has been shown to be an end run to failure already.

Yes sir I will vote but not for those who will make more
changes in the nation with their forward movement back to a form of government
that enslaves and oppress the freedom of the people. Oh if men and women would just
open their eyes to see  if only they would hear perhaps then there would be hope but alas I
fear that feelings will over ride good sense and thinking for if man and
woman are told they can have a ride for free; they like Hansel and little Gretel
will gladly follow along.

The other day Vladimir Putin President of Russia asked why the American people are allowing the destruction of their liberties? Something the Russian people have envied and are now trying to emulate.

I ask why do we the people so proud of our independence and desire to get ahead want to give up the ability for gain and allow the ruling party control over all aspects of our lives. For that is what change means and that will be the end result of forward,


3 thoughts on “Just an odd set of thoughts

    • They are surprised that we are demanding a medical system like theirs, one they are tearing down and replacing,the more you fight a thing the more like it you become odd that plays out

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