It has then begun

Does recognition by the courts mean churches must sanctify gay marriage?

The answer should be an emphatic no. For no law can be made to force or infringe upon the freedom of the free practice of any religion. No, law can force a church to go against its beliefs. Any attempt to force churches to conform to a court ruling is in direct violation of the first amendment so in reality the courts have over stepped their bounds already.

The courts of the liberals are defying the Constitution of the United States and the very freedoms guaranteed by the bill of rights. They the courts are in place for one thing only to enforce laws not make law.

Having said all that we see that in the end they will they have (the courts will) sided with the gay rights groups, they will say they have said it must be done. Soon we shall see the law suits against ministers, congregations and denominations for not sanctifying the marriages of these gay couples begin.

So what was begun sixty years ago by an atheist will have come full circle with those who defy reject and spit on the commands of god demanding a blessing from those who do obey; knowing full well they are in violation of a holy law yet rejecting it.

For they say where this god of yours is show us and we will worship him. All the while they reject his ways. They stand as the prophets say shaking their fists demanding a sign and in not getting one speak vile evil things against the most high thus they full fill what was written of them so long ago . A generation of liar’s thieves and murders they will be so they are; caring not for the truth of God but accepting the false ways of carnal man so they chase after all manner of vile filth. This brood of vipers they honor man with man woman with woman cheering all who do such vile things.  Yes, these people they do glorify all un-natural acts of perversion thus rejecting God and the Christ all the more yet seeking from him a blessing all their days; They seek a blessing where none can or should be given so their anger grows against those who stand apart from them who keep the ways of The Christ.

May God have mercy on us now?

May God grant peace and protection to his Saints?

 To his flock in this time of upheaval

May we ask for mercy grace and love?

Our Father who art in heaven we do glorify thy name

We ask for mercy we ask for grace

We seek your loving kind embrace so we ask that you keep us safe

As we stand in this valley full of death we know that you do protect us

Before us is your Kingdom behind us is that which blinds and makes one deaf

Your rod your staff they do guide and keep us on the path

You anoint our heads with oil you call us out to you

Surely goodness truth and mercy follow us as we walk with you


3 thoughts on “It has then begun

  1. Most Christians are very tolerant on this issue but the gay agenda insisting on calling the union “marriage” makes many Christians draw the line. Why can’t the gays be satisfied with a legal contract called a civil union or domestic partnership? That would make much of the controversy evaporate.

    • what I am now to write will inflame many but it is all true and that is what hurts most of all. 1. the more one fights the more like ones opponent one becomes. 2 in fighting recourses are used up and strength and will are worn down. 3. like with the murder of the innocent if their truly were such a majority these issues would be mute. 4.. all marriages are in effect civil unions. they are licensed by the state and those who perform the rites are licensed by the state. in reading most states in their laws do not say man and woman but couple no mention of sex is made either. do I support gay marriage no but the law does and if that is so then it is none of my business . I do not need to perform same sex marriages there are plenty of gay minister to do that. all I must do is point out that it is and ever will be a stench and abomination in the eyes of God. Just read Paul words to the Romans.

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