The Valley

beauty found

Katherine Marie Morgan had never seen a television, heard a radio nor did she know what an I phone was. She had lived off the grid in the deep back woods civilization was a concept she was taught, a place of evil cruelty and shameful acts. Her parents along with a group of friends had fled it in order to be safe from what was called the beast the evil the marks. But for Kate it had an allure a calling that had been pulling at her as far back as she could remember she wanted ever so badly to see this place called civilization.


The awaking of her desire began slowly as all things do over time; when some of the older followers in the group lost their zeal and had drifted away from the teachings, turning now from the valley to go away to go back to civilization.


Michael went first followed then by Robert Jack and Carol Ann. Kathrine stood and watched that day as they went up to the pass then over the crest of the hill into the mist and winds. They were soon followed by others she could not remember now how many. But the years passed she grew found her love and settled at the farthest end of the high valley. Then one day word came that one or two had returned; the first to come back. They had come back whispering to the elders of the horrid events taking place outside their valley far beyond the high hills.


It was then that guards were posted at the pass and preparations made to close it if, if the beast should come for them.


Later it must have been a moth or two an assembly was called for to choose emissaries to go and searcher out the others to find the truth and bring back detailed information.


So it was that Katherine Marie Morgan the girl born of the valley she who had never seen nor heard was first choice to go.



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