The world says once again today for old time sake

cast your bread upon the waters

cast your bread upon the waters


The world says once again today for old time sake


The clock turns back, to the time of hate


The UN vote displays the world intent



As I watched my local news I waited in trepidation for news of the UN vote. I watched as repots were given on local house fires, odors in local high schools and other events that had no impact on me or my family. What I sought, what I awaited was real facts; news of events which could lead to war, higher fuel prices food prices and more, even an increase in anti-Semitic vandalism here in our small backwater of the nation.


It seemed ironic that all four local news outlets reported on the very same events once jokingly called fluff or filler none reported any thing of national or internal happenings. So we are left with the internet even there we find limits and censure in reporting the bias runs from the far left to the center all accusing the Jewish state of being the cause of the unrest,  Of its unwillingness its immoral acts against the Palestinians. Even her we find no out rage at the thousands of rocket attack launched from Gaza by the peace loving Arabs.


IN NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR Dan Rather and others of the national media reported that George Orwell’s prediction of an all seeing big brother had failed to materialize. I would like to say that Orwell’s character worked for the government information office.  Where they daily re-wrote history to fit events taking place in order to show how their leadership was on top of all events .They also deleted people and events which would show failure of their all knowing leadership. But most of all they suppressed the people isolated the people created an atmosphere of fear and mistrust among differing groups, races and all this is happening has happened and is promoted all over our nation to day.


 Nineteen eighty four came and we were told it had not and we believed the info speak of the government bureau of information.


So as I read and as I fear the words come true all nations once again are gathering against the Jews. The people of the state of Israel are once again made out to be evil vile and lower than dirt. It brings to mind the stories I was told of Nazi Germany and the rise of hate in that era.


It is a shameful people that bore witness to the slaughter of innocence’s in the time of the second world war and its is far more heinous that those same people who swore never again have turned their backs on those to whom they made that promise.




My prayers and as you can see my hope is tied to the state of Israel and her people.


One day I hope to stand in Jerusalem where the messiah shall be seated on the thrown of David as a Jewish King and lord of lord.


If my words offend my apologies


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