Simple thoughts of a simple mind

Cat and Dog

Cat and Dog


  1. One day we all will be judged on what we have done whether we believe in Christ or not, what will be your defense
  2. Taxes are paid by the living and the dead; though the dead pay more
  3. people share many common things like holes
  4. You can pick your friends but not your family but you can chose not to be like your family
  5. opinions come and go; just as people in our lives
  6. A theory is a assumption based on what someone assumes to be true
  7. A theory changes with new facts as old assumption are found to false
  8. stupidity grow as education become more about social engineering than about moral engineering
  9. Tyranny  comes to rule when we fear what we are told; for we do not ask questions but simply accept what we are told
  10. a fool feels that he knows all things, a wise person considers all things and knows he has much more to learn
  11. idiots can change, but fools don’t feel the need, stupid people won’t try
  12. the richest people are not those with money but those who have friends
  13. money will buy you many things, but they all become dust and rust
  14. Wisdom is the true wealth of life
  15. education without morality inspires insanity
  16. There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed
  17. arguing with a foolish person is like trying to stop the wind
  18. Much study does not a wise man make for even a fool can read a book
  19. what is the most important thing in your life
  20. who do you love

We forgive to live as Christ forgave for to retain, to hold onto, to remember wrongs done to us is to negate the act of forgiveness. God said he would send our sins as far away as the east is from the west ;never to be remembered again. Can you do that? When we forgive we are saying no to anger no to hate no to rage.A heart without anger, hate and rage is a heart at peace.


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