Is it right to work


Arizona (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

The Right to work means one can choose not to join a Union and pay that union dues of ten percent of their hard earned money. Or stand in support of over paid lazy fools who would not have jobs; who could be fired for not doing a good job if not for union supporting them while people who would work can not. Then there is the being told or the suggestion from the Union,no the being told who to vote for if you want to keep working yes sir thats is the way of the union. Unions have more money than most Wall street companies union bosses are treated like kings. they have a voting block that the politicians want and one they can deliver the price is freedom of choice for the worker in all ways of life..

The right to work gives all people choice. what the O man and all our politicians should be after is that gardener who is an illegal that cab driver who is illegal or that factory that hires illegals you see O man they do not pay taxes but they get all the public benefits and you wont send them back you opened the door said welcome in. and then sued Arizona for doing their job. and forty seven percent plus some dam fools said ya baby were gonna stick it to em , who did and who are they sticking it to? but themselves their kids and their grand kids. God Bless the ignorant and the foolish they need it….

This still needs work but I have it posted on my facebook with the following: I once was a member of a Union but in order to play I had to pay and also had do what the main man said. I was not working for a company any longer and its owners but for the union and only if I towed their line. Why Exempt Public Employees: Public employee unions allow better control of the public (we the people)with the fear of the loss of Fire ,Police, Public Transport ,Teachers, and even some medical services the people are more likely to vote for higher taxes on themselves; ( they do in almost all cases)or to give up other things as concessions.


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