Out of panic, beware the consequences

Each day a man makes choices in the way he’ll live how he will relates to others. Today we try to legislate what we think a man should do. Once upon a time we taught our children a simple set of rules; we talked of them and we read them; we reminded them of them every day. But in our nation a voice cried out its unfair its not right that I should have to partake of this.

So the courts decreed that these rules were out; no longer could they be taught, nor read or seen. But try as I may with all my might I can not find a law writen and passed by the house and the Senate which says that was to be done, For what I read and what I hear is this was the last thing that the founders intended. For Jefferson assured the Bapitist Chruch of Danbury a wall existed to protect and keep this so. For they based our laws on the simple ways of respect all men, respect of spouse, that theft and lying and murder were wrong, even a day of rest, the right to worship as one wished were all included as our rights, but now the courts declared it wrong and said its the worst thing one can teach.

For these past fifty two years this has been the law and the ruination of the land. No longer does the Senate write laws that the courts then enforce but courts declare and tell and make law they desire. Taking power over and above what was once intended.

We now stand in envy of those days long past when people held others in high regard and honor and respect were at our core. We tossed away the rules the guides and said go and do your own thing, forgetting man needs guides and limits but we did not want to hinder him. So we live now with the consequences of those days long past when the courts decree thou shall not murder wrong to teach or read or talk about; not yet ready to admit we made a big mistake. We cry out for laws to stop the maddness when they sit covered in dust upon our shelves. Thinking we can fix and make up better ways ourselves.


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