What was the true cause

Yesterday another person who is reported to have had mental illness walked into a school and murdered twenty-five plus young children. This should not have happened but ask why who or what is truly to blame. Is it the metal and wood the person held in their hands or with the mental disability and a system which  allows people who need medication and treatment to roam free; walking time bombs when simple treatment may help. But we have Choice.

So  I have  simple questions like those which everyone should be asking: for here in back water West Virginia we have our schools secured with deputies. No one can enter without first approaching a secure door and being asked for ID and checked. My joke our schools are like minimum security prisons for even a parent can not get in if they do not have a state ID. So why did it happen in a wealthier area like Conn.? Was there security and it was lax security? Was the security poorly trained ? Were the doors locked? All these questions should be asked as this tragic event unfolds. And many can be answered by the schools video tapes. Those video tapes will tell us if they have any ; when he first came if he was challenged and by who and how.

But now we hear the liberal call the cry of the left for more laws some call for the suspension of the second amendment for our own protection.

Now is not the time to ask for more laws; we have them. To talk of laws of legal gun ownership masks the true problem. We have laws in place, we have procedures which if they had been followed would have averted this and yet; what this does show us is the stark reality of the fact we can not plan for nor protect or cover every venue. However many  call again for more gun control.

Yet these gun were purchased legally,however not by the murder, he murdered the legal owner. he is said to have or had mental health issues. So why was he not watched by doctors? Why was he not taking medication? Oh yes,I remember you can not force a person who needs medication to take the medication unless they want to even if you know they may harm themselves or God forbid like we have here others. And if family asks and begs for help they can do nothing. Now where does blame really lay? with the framers and the Constitution or the courts and their liberal sweeping views on criminals and some persons who refuse medication?


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