We must protect our people

waters cleanse the shore

waters cleanse the shore

Freedom can be lost in very simple ways we are now willing to give up take away and suspend a right all for the idea that in so doing we will be protected that we will be safer that we do it for our children.
For the past fifty years we have had an on going battle over the freedom to teach our children a well established moral code the rights of free speech and gun ownership. We are losing those battles for as of this day we may have lost it completely. Only time and the actions of the few over the next few days weeks and months will tell, but America has changed it will change more and sadly that change will not be for the better. So now we will allow the government under the auspices of protection to limit us in speech movement and ownership of guns, but we are not placing restriction on the illegal possessor of a weapon but the legal owner who has obeyed the laws. With each new event we will lose more freedom more rights and we will be told it is for our safety for our children’s safety. How high a cost are we willing to pay to have this illusion of safety? When we could have had it at little or no cost at all simply by doing what we once did talking to our neighbors watching their homes and not protecting and glorifying criminals like modern robin hoods but treating them as the thugs they are. Hollywood has glorified murder they have glorified the mass murder and Hollywood demands that guns be banned except for them and their body guards.
Yes, the elite are immune from the laws we must live under the laws which they will create.


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