Not so simple for

Have you walked a mile in my shoes? Have you then tried to walk two? But now you sit in judgment of me , can I ask you what gave you this right? Did I take , did I demand, did I cause you any harm; did I cause someone else to come to harm or shame? In all I did, in all I do, have I in any way caused harm to You?
Now have you walked in my well-worn shoes, can you answer this for me?
In this century in this age yellow has come to symbolize welcome openness safety and love.
Have I taken, have I abused? Come now have I done evil to anyone?
Anger rages, people s fury is whipped up, but what is it I have done? I rode a bike, I won a race, I did this when doctors said I should not have for Cancer should have taken up my life. Do you remember, do you now not care, did I lie ? No, So now I walk out here alone; what I did is taken back and as I watch I hear the hate the rage as the feeding frenzy grows. I would like you now to walk a mile now with me. Come and sit just talk? Could anyone has anyone ever done or tried what I was able to do? Oh and yes lest I forget God was central and first. So perhaps they now attack the prayers, the faith, and the pride instilled in those who were once told that cancer could control their life. Not mine….


5 thoughts on “Not so simple for

  1. Hey James! Re: the comment of dissuading an avowed atheist, thanks for trying! Usually atheists have an ax to grind for some reason. He spoke of “reasoning for himself” and then picks up all the language and thoughts of other atheists (growing beyond belief in God, for example). You can discern his ax in the virulent nature of his attacks. Until the Holy Spirit touches the hurt, the arguments aren’t going to work. That is not to say that it is pointless to expose the errors of their reasoning. When the Holy Spirit touches his heart, he may remember something you or I said that showed flaws in his reasoning. It can happen. Let’s pray for hiim. One of my best buddies from college (I lost touch with him while I was on the mission field — there was no Internet back then) became an atheist becuase of abuse in his past. He has gone for some 17 bitter years without God. Now he is slowly but surely coming back to God. I found him after so many years. He told me the thing that got him was that his moral rage at God was the reason he left God and then years later the reason why he came back. Moral rage makes no sense in evolution. It serves no purpose. So our online friend says that he became an atheist simply because he read the Bible and started thinking for himself. I don’t think he’s telling the whole story. If he were just thinking for himself, then why has he picked up all the arguements used by other atheists? In any case, there are signs of hope: he correctly discerns the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament — an important subtlety. So, I see your last comment was you’re leaving the discussion. May I ask you to NOT leave off prayer for him? Thanks! Your passion for Christ inspires me! Yours, Mike

    • I would like to thank you for your words of wisdom and council it is appreciated. I have been praying for him,but also for myself for I as it was pointed out by another may have gotten off track. Each time I hear someone say they are an Atheist I hear Paul Samuel and many others cry out tell them try and dissuade him from the wrong path lest is blood be on your hand, so I try and in so doing I place his life sole in his hands and I do as Paul says offer fervent prayer for his soul. I saw his words as a cry for help I had to toss the rope. I enjoy the exchanges In my prayers I was reminded over being rebuked by one of He I responded to Mr.B of Proverbs 8 and 8 it may sound self serving but it reads: all the words of my are just;To the discerning all of them are right. some have told me to play nice and I do so try but we war not against man but evil and more.thank you for your kind words and please excuse my rambling on so. your friend in Christ JGLord, yes it is my real name

      • JG, You did a good job! Just pray! I believe all these atheists who make it their duty to attack faith, as you say, really are crying for help. They are trying desperately to not believe, perhaps for some “injustice” they suffered and have become embittered against God. You can see that by how they don’t let believers alone by harrying them and harassing them and mocking them. But many times, the real issues are not the stated reasons. That’s behind the scenes, lurking in the background. All their words of logica and reason is just a smokescreen. I try to plant seeds of doubt by asking questions. Mr. B. said in one exchange that morality was a natural and logcial product of evolution. So I asked him if religion might be also a product of eolution? This was something that needed to be evolved out, acording to Mr. B. So there it is: a major contradiction in his “impeccable logic.” Morality is a product of evolution, religion a defect, despite their close reltation throughout all of humanity throughout all of history. Let’s pray that your seeds and my seeds find good soil and germinate. I have been around long enough to see a few atheists come around, but it tkaes years sometimes. The trick is to not get offended by their offensive language. The personal attack is a strategy to distract. In any case, I REALLY APPRECIATE you sharing the burden of helping to dialogue with these guys. This is not the first time I have challenged atheists, and they have always joined the debate, which is good. Praised be the Lord! 🙂 Further challenges will be coming! Stay tuned!

      • Thank you, as I pray and as I find Hosea and Joel have much to say on this very issue. I join with you in prayer for Mr. B and the others for i fear for the lives. But I also know what Paul has said in Romans That they have been given over to a deluding spirit,but some who have not fallen away to far question and that small mustard seed if planted may be their saving grace.

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