Learning for the New Year


I know your new here and those people like you but here’s the rules,I am the top cat and your the dog,see..

Molly is a giant Maynard is a dwarf there color is quite different the foods they eat are similar but they are as different as night and day, yet they are a family. Each defends the other on each other they depend; one can not live without the other for even just a day.
Each has their place, each has their toys and sometimes they will share, each has a special place where they do rest and nap. Many times you will see them both snuggled tight as if they were but one. Yes, Molly has her little quirks and poor Maynard he has his. Both will let you know if you’re doing right, both will alert you if there is the slightest little thing that’s wrong.
In watching and observing all manner of man and beast; I have come to think an oddity of thoughts that perhaps if only some may teach: that perhaps if anger was not taught, if vengeance was eliminated, not called a holy act or right; if we refused to hate perhaps just maybe peace would break out.
But this just will not happen for man has been given a great gift, one he does refuse to use, man can choose make a choice the freedom of, is up to him.
Now little Molly and her best friend Maynard are not mortal man, but simply just one dog and cat, who can show one man a lot. Now we are told to learn we are told to seek the truth so if the dogs and cats we own can get along so well why is it so hard for us the people to do the same?
The Lamb shall lay down with the lion, so what is wrong with man? God asked Cain where your brother is; Cain’s reply was this: Am I my brother keeper. Should we love our fellow man as we so love ourselves?

ocean by Cjackson

As this New Year Eve approaches I remember back to a time some fifty odd years ago.
I asked God show me now your ways make me to understand. He has; but not as one might think what some would call heir trouble then stand and say this is the testimony of my faith. I hold one testimony that is the word of Christ’s Gospel that the Kingdom it is near a call to many come now in come now draw near.
What so many do present is bumps within the road the path, which allow one to understand how someone else does feel, how can one have true empathy if they have not walked in another’s shoes. So God has a sense of humor and gave me what I asked. Some of the shoes I have walked in they were difficult at best other were so comfortable I thought that I might stay, but others made me realize how fragile we all are. I see the world through many eyes I understand it in so many ways I learned so long ago that hate and anger with their brother rage are a sickness of the evil and vilest of men. That can infect the many far to easily.waves 008

It is written that a prophet and a teacher garner no respect among their brethren nor their home community, so sad this is but true.
If one says I seek the lord, a lofty thing to choose, they soon find friends and family and the stranger do accuse and slander them.
What say to you; so you feel that you superior to us?
Nay, I say look my friend, I do not, I just know my wretched lot. I know my place, how low I am that my soul is lost. Yet, now I choose to seek to knock upon that door, to ask to perchance find that grace which comes of faith to see the face the light of truth that come of faith in the one true word that comes of God.

In this New Year many say I will or won’t do this and that. Now on this day I again did pray Lord show to me your way. Teach to me your word make them part of me give to me the wisdom so I may understand. I seek no gold nor ask for silver not for fame do I ask. But give to me your words your grace and peace and I shall be rich.

So he gave to me Isaiah 6 and 6 to11 and I say it is so, my Lord; Here I am


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