liberty to enslave

a rose is a rose no matter what the name, enslavement and tryannie can be covered but they never really change.

a rose is a rose no matter what the name, enslavement and tyrannies can be covered but they never really change.

An odd thought to all me friend and even those of you who are not:
Why we will not get rid of Obama care:
1. it has been declared a tax.
2. rarely if ever does a tax get repealed , only tax cuts are repealed.
3. the liberals have 47% of the people convinced this tax is for health care but where is the health care at?

I could use a pick and choose set up here is it

a. the federal budget

b.. the federal deficit

c. both of the above.

d. to increase spending and increase the size of the federal government.
4. If you do not have heath care the IRS can now fine you penalize you assess fines and jail you; freedom of choice buy or fine either way you pay. where have my rights gone, I thought I had freedom of choice. oh but I must choose what they tell me I must do. Is that really freedom?
5 the victims of this new tax oh I mean beneficiary of this new order is the poorest and the least able to afford to buy so they become victims oh sorry receivers of the liberation. they are allowed to give all they have or will ever get to the state and hope to retain their freedom. that is if they follow and do as they are told.
6 the right can blame the left and so they do, but the left will say we did all of this to protect you, we the progressive liberal liberators did all we did because we care and want all things to be fair, while the wealthy enjoy their freedom the IRS arrests and takes away from the poorest in the nation.  what a great and moral way.
7. the new tax will generate more money for them to spend so they will not need to be responsible for anything they have done. the wealthy will remain so, the rich the working man and woman will get poorer  more destitute that is the liberals plan.

I thought of a little P.S. here: now see a opressed boy walking up  to his master, a wealthy man one so refined. the boy is asking simply eyes down cast please sir can I have some more? you see one day  if the progressives and the liberals win this is what our children will all be doing. Knocking hat in hand at Uncle Sugar daddy’s door, asking please sir can I have some more.


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