The four thousand

lighted doveToday in a Nation that claims to love honor and respect all life:

Almost four thousand children met their deaths may God have mercy on us all, their screams of pain went unheard. No one came, no police, no fire team or EMT first responder team came to save them, the pain the terror that they experienced went unseen and unheard.

No news anchor sits on-screen to ask to demand, no group of women question the cruelty that was or is to be done. All say that it is a right a blessing. No one sheds a tear for them, no one stands up in our Congress or the House and cries this must end, what have we become. We must stop these murders we must save these lives for one life lost is a loss to all of us. No one Party its leadership says they support the carnage they approve of these deaths. And shall fight for more and demand that it go on.
Yes today four thousand died tomorrow more; what is said by those who rule by the 47% percent and their unholy crew? It is right what we all do it is a right a woman has the right to say who can live and who must die. Yes, today they fight to keep the right to murder for it is a womans choice. and who pays we all do in many ways.
Yes its true if woman ruled they would put and end to war that is what they say and women she has a right no man can claim to take the life of a child on demand.


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