In Arrogance, modern Jezebel

In arrogance she speaks
This one called Jezebel
She is the lair the worshipper of Baal
She who passed her children through the fire
Yes, she speaks in arrogance of her self her will
She testifies in the streets of sexual desire
Calling out come do as I
Yes she claims to be
I am she shouts
Yes she is far loftier
Above mere man
In arrogance

Now if women ruled this world
There would be no war
For all can see
Man is but a vicious evil murder
Taking life for no good reason
If woman ruled war would end
Murder would be banished
For woman is superior
To man in every way

Oh, in arrogance she speaks
In her pride she denies the truth
Woman claims behind each male
Stand a woman managing
His every move him

She forgets
She overlooks
She has immunity
Granted her by law
To murder, to destroy at will
She marches in the street
She fights now in courts for more
This right she says must not end
It’s a choice for her not man

For if a man does take a life
He is called vile reprobate so evil
Woman is above reproach
For her the sciences
Redefined a human life
So they ease her shame her guilt
When she takes the life of a child
It is her right to murder
A right she fights for so
For woman is far more understanding
Has more feeling than a male?
So it should be them they claim
Up them, to woman’s choice
The superior feeling female
She must choose who lives
And who must die
Yes, in arrogance she speaks
As though she were a god
This murder of innocence’s
This Jezebel

So in my ignorance I do wonder
In my disbelief I sit and ponder
How can she wail?
How can she cry?
When it she who taught
Who made these murders?
For those whom she choose to let live hold dear her values and desires
These children are a true reflection
Of the society in which they live
That is if they are allowed to live

Every child is important
Everyone one is of great value
It is not up to man or woman
To make the choice of who should live or die
But some will cry out what about this or that, that’s when doctors make the call
Murder on demand should never be a choice, it’s not right to allow one group to choose who should live or die
If you value children


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