A haunting cry goes out

A rose is always a Rose no matter what the Name.

A Rose will bloom yet so soon fade, but the glory of its beauty will ever in the memory remain.

I have been dealing with the flue for sometime now as I like to say, the world and our nation have also been sick and they are getting sicker each day. For myself once upon a time I was given six months to live and by the grace of God I have now lived far past that short time. I say all this for now for a simple reason I grow weary Some have told me I appear to be angry, some have said I am too intense, explaining to me life is to sort to upset so many. I only offer a mirror; to anyone who wishes to gaze into it; looking at a reflection, sometime we like what we see, at other times what we see makes us sick for we see we are not as good as we have told ourselves. So when we are silent and keep hidden what is said what is seen then we hurt many who might have been saved. But we also affirm or agree with the majority that their ways are right. Evil is an insidious thing like Cancer for it consumes a person and like cancer the evil does not know it is evil for cancer knows not that it is anything more than just another cell in the human body doing its job.
The following is a social comment

From all quarters hear the wailing cry
They cry they scream Oh why Oh why
From homes from churches from all places near and far the questions asked Oh Why?
Has God allowed all this?
Other say we must place blame for the shameful act, someone something has to be to blame
The world over they shake their heads why do these people act this way, why will they not be, why wont they become as we
The leaders they all argue, they promise they will act, as the people sit and wonder what is happening
Some say that the people have too much, some say they must give up, give in and then,
If you give if you set aside one small piece, then you’ll see that you will have no worries
What’s one small freedom what do you lose
Look at all the other rights you have
Have we not given woman this right to choose?
Have we not set men free from religions hypocrisy?

Darkness spreads across the land as selfishness fills all men
The need for me, the need for greed, the only thing man seeks is for himself
And the lost the innocent cry out
From underneath the throne of God
From underneath the holy seat
The souls of the most innocent do cry
How long how much longer
Until the full measure be counted thus
Death runs its course through out their land

The past tense is no defense

never alone along way home

fadding tracks in an afternooon

Children our the future for all children we do care
Oh dark soul that you have why then do you murder them
Mother cries and asks why, and then to an abortionists they do drive
Oh the darkest of souls their lie and smile hides
Children our the future only but only those we choose
Now for all children we do care if we feel like it that is
A nation and a people dark so bleak seeking answers in themselves

Churning, churning cries and wails
Come up to my ears
Innocent innocence weeping cries
Oh the children generations lost
Oh the children butchered cost
Calloused souls deep so dark
Cry not for the truth so lost
To their idols for themselves
Innocent lives are lost
At what cost

I see darkness
I see death
I see sickness
Hear the cries
See the tears
Listen to the lies

Some speak of God
He’s not here
He did all this
What kind of god would allow all this?

Across a once great land
Few cry out have mercy
So few bow down
Fewer are the ones who cry
Few now is those who beg for pity
O but for the silenced scream of the few
Destruction would come to you
None says repent turn back
Look and listen
Look around and see
Who’s to blame?
We refuse to see or hear
The one to blame is in the mirror

The monster rises and it hides
It is insidious it’s us
It lives it breathes
Grow so strong
Does so much that’s wrong

I have asked this question many times of Atheist, humanist, and Progressive; I have asked the new wave man; they who compromise: why must we give in give up our fundamental rights?
Why do so many feel such ocean by Cjacksondisdain for the Ten, the two, and the One?
My theory is a simple one, I have said it many times, and they despise the Ten and the people from wench they come.
Now we arm the brotherhood the group which created all the others which we fight. Now our leaders do embrace those who sought our harm.
Now we call what is evil good and call what was once good evil
Now we join the brotherhood of man and the world celebrates.

Oh that we were hot or cold but we are but luke warm
With apathy we live our lives, apathia is our way
What God do you worship?
To whom do you bow down and ask; please sir may I have some more?
Whose name do you honor and do reverence to?
Which do you abuse? You call the Sabbath day an evil thing, yet demand two full days of rest, your children they are committing murders, yes ;they are following in your foot steps, just obeying your teachings, your teaching that life it has no value has now come full circle.
Yes the values that you hold dear are on display in front of you now more and more each day.
Children honor not the parents , their teachers say its good they are expressing independence, Spouses cheat step out and Hollywood and others cheer, women murder their children the courts cry out its their right, they have the right of choice, yes to woman is now given power to decide who will live and die.
Then you cry then you ask God why
I can only shake my head
So my man you the woman who has such feeling and compassion
How can you then justify yourself
Now your leaders preach to you their way of steal, covet now is a right so you want what others have and your leaders say if you follow us we will spread their wealth, give it to you, all you need, so he who will not labor shall receive from those who do. This is what is called justifying theft.
Oh, if you were but hot or cold
If you only wished to see
If you could but just hear
But you were given a great gift
Choice and you have chosen what.


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