Question of the day

I have been refereed to as ignorant as of late. For it seems people who do not know me, who do not know what I have done have judged me a bum a baffoon a fool.To them I say thank you oh so very much, I know my place I understand I am not as good as you. My apology for even trying to be civil I should sit in silence and let you speak and bow my head to you.

I do not own guns, but I know how to shoot one; I learned that when I was very young, I also learned about the Bill of Rights and our Constitution. On my desk sits a little book which has them for me to read These words and their ideals were hard fought many died and have died to insure that their meaning not be taken or diminished. If you lost your hand or foot? would that bother you? later perhaps a leg an eye. then perhaps an arm. little bits and pieces soon make up a great big hole and tyrants thus take control.
When they place restrictions on one soon they shall restrict them all until we have a totalitarian neo-Nazi government, but its only just a little bit to protect and save. the frog was placed in cold water then set upon the stove the heat went higher ever higher and he did not move soon was cooked he never knew he just stayed sat still and with open arms he welcomed his demise.

It’s coming… President Obama will use an executive order to push for more gun control and Second Amendment restrictions.


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